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09 Jul 18 17:43
anton bassov
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RE: Re: RE: RE: RE: Re: [BULK] Re: Modern C++ Features in Kernel Mode Drivers

> Ooh, that's so hard.? std::unique_lock supplies unlock() and lock() primitives ...... > Honestly, I don't know why you feel empowered to criticize tools you don't use > and don't understand. Please note that I was speaking _specifically_ about the imaginary class "PGV_Acquire_Spinlock(PKSPIN_LOCK)" that Peter had mentioned - judging from his example, its constructor takes a spinlock as an argument and locks it, so that its destructor must be unlocking it. Certainly, you can also define lock() and unlock() methods for it so that you can do things manually if you wish, but at this point you are going to end up with exactly the same code that you are trying to avoid a C++ class > you are entirely out of line to argue that C++ is inherently inferior. Come on - I am not going THAT far, am I..... The only thing that I am saying is that everything that you do in C++ can be done in C in a straightforward way..... Anton Bassov
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