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May-June 2014 Issue of The NT Insider   Last Updated: 18-Jun-14  (Read 1114 times)

Introducing: Advanced WDF Driver Development   Last Updated: 01-Mar-14  (Read 3948 times)

OSR Seminar Schedule   Last Updated: 14-Feb-14  (Read 17580 times)

Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer   Last Updated: 03-Sep-10  (Read 40852 times)

Online Crash Analyzer Got a crash dump? Analyze it instantly online (and for free) using OSR's Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer.  Accepts mini-dumps and kernel summary dumps... you can even zip and upload PDBs.  Check it out!

Driver Jobs: 3 Jobs Available For Driver Writers   Last Updated: 07-Jul-14

Windows 8.1 Update: VS Express Now Supported   Last Updated: 03-Apr-14  (Read 5782 times)
With the release of WDK 8.1 Update, the WDK now supports Visual Studio Express. Say "YAY" for the return of free tools for driver developers.
HCK Client install on Windows N versions   Last Updated: 11-Mar-14  (Read 2692 times)
It took a day of trial and error before I finally figured out why I was getting a 1603 error when installing the HCK Client.
There's a WDFSTRING?   Last Updated: 05-Mar-14  (Read 2649 times)
Surprise! WDF has a WDFSTRING Object. And it's actually useful!
When CAN You Call WdfIoQueuePurgeSynchronously   Last Updated: 10-Sep-13  (Read 3414 times)

We’re constantly learning the subtle details of how KMDF works.  We came across an interesting detail today that caused us to scratch our heads to the point we had to ask our friends on the WDF development team what was going on.  Maybe this will help you as some point, too.

UMDF V2 -- It's KMDF Compatible!   Last Updated: 28-Jun-13  (Read 5792 times)

If you thought that big changes in the Windows driver arena were complete with the release of the Windows 8 WDK (which for the first time includes integration with Visual Studio)… you're WRONG.  The latest news, announced at the //Build conference, is UMDF V2.  Check it out...

WdfSend: Are There REALLY Three Useful Variants?   Last Updated: 06-May-13  (Read 15015 times)

When you learn about WdfSend, you typically learn that there are three different ways that you can send a Request to an I/O Target.  It makes a nice story to describe these three options as equally viable for a driver writer.  Unfortunately, in the majority of cases the only practical option is to send a Request asynchronously and specify a Completion Routine Event Processing Callback.  This quick article describes why this is the case.

Turning a Breakpoint into a Busypoint   Last Updated: 22-Apr-13  (Read 7542 times)

Breakpoints are great, but at some point you have to resume from them. What if you want to freeze a thread in place while allowing other threads to continue executing?

The NT Insider Digital Edition - May-June 2014 Now Available!   Last Updated: 18-Jun-14  (Read 2967 times)

The NT Insider May-June 2014 The May - June 2014 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download. Click the image of The NT Insider to the left for the details, and the download link to use.

Articles include:

- Using Bus Interfaces for Driver to Driver Communication
- The WDK Docs Improve Through Regular Releases
- Understanding EvtIoStop, Bugcheck 9F and Related SDV Errors
- Load or Unload
- Drive Letter Alternatives
- Peter Pontificates
...and more!

It's All About The Basics

Check this section for information that's fundamental to driver development on Windows.

File Systems and Filters: A Specialty
If you're a Windows file system or file system filter driver developer, this section is for you.
Sample WDF Driver for Sealevel Digital I/O Kit   Last Updated: 16-Mar-06  (Downloaded 13514 times)
Here's the latest update to the sample KMDF driver for the Sealevel Digital I/O Kit. It supports the most recent release of the SeaLevel DIO-24 board (the 8018). Have fun!
OsrVirtualCdAndDisk   Last Updated: 11-Aug-05  (Downloaded 3789 times)
The OSR Virtual CD and Disk driver allows a user to mount .ISO,.IMG images as CD-ROMs and allows the user to create and mount .DSK files that act as Disk Drives.  In addition true disk image file format (.bin) has been added
Windows Driver Developer Community
What's going on in the community? Check out what people are talking about on the NTDEV and NTFSD discussion lists below. You can participate via email, new reader, or the web. Ask a question, answer a question, or watch the discussion had by others. What are you waiting for... Click here to join the community now!

Robert Sullivan: Windows 8.1 Remote Display Driver. (3 msgs, last updated 4:20 ago)
M M: =?utf-8?Q?...= =?utf-8?Q?ernel_to_user_space?= (1 msg, posted 6:50 ago)
Pradeepa Senanayake: Finding the usb hub index (2 msgs, last updated 7:07 ago)
Michael Sitch: Crash in FwpsCloneStreamData0 in out of band stream callout driver (1 msg, posted 8:15 ago)
Sile Popescu: Kernel upper filter over WPD class (1 msg)
massoud navab: ZwCreateFile flags (2 msgs).
mani singh: FltMgr Bug??? (5 msgs, last updated 2:06 ago)
Joaquin Luna: Tracking Handles from a filter driver (2 msgs)
Naresh Kumar: Read particular LBA of HDD (3 msgs)
Sergei Antonov: Volume management layer (4 msgs)
Haotian Wang: Why sometimes the system can not shutdown. (2 msgs).
Join the discussion!   Join the discussion!


Kernel Debugging & Crash Analysis

Palo Alto, CA
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Writing WDF Drivers: Core Concepts

Boston/Waltham, MA
22-26 Sep 2014

Windows Internals and SW Drivers

Dulles/Sterling, VA
20-24 Oct 2014

Developing File Systems for Windows
Seattle, WA
4-7 Nov 2014


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