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13 Mar 18 07:35
ramakrishnan s
Join Date: 21 Oct 2016
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HLK glitchfreedevice fails for a virtual ethernet driver

Hi all, I am running HLK certification test for a virtual ethernet driver. The test case GlitchFreeDevice fails with an assertion id 50041 TestCaseID AssertonId Description 00000 50041 Analyzer detected xxxx errors with packets per DPC = Y. My driver is a virtual driver and it doesnot register any interrupt handler and there is not any dpc associated with it. My driver would indicate received packets to ndis when a user program do a IRP_MJ_WRITE to the driver. May be my driver indicate all packets to ndis at passive level. This testcase is related to DPC. Please help me in debugging the issue. Thanks, S Ramakrishnan
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