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26 Dec 17 23:23
David F.
Join Date: 12 Jan 2012
Posts To This List: 26
UserMode app using FltUser.h and the .lib to link to?

Hi, I've got a normal app to connect to the minifilter communication port using FilterConnectCommunicationPort. First problem is that fltuser.h not found. Apparently It's not part of the $(VCInstallDir)include items, not part of the $(WindowsSDKDir)\include folder. Searching I find it in "\program files (x86)\windows kits\8.0\include\um" and "\program files (x86)\windows kits\8.1\include\um" as well as in various items under \WinDDK (3790.1830\inc\ifs\w2k, 3790.1830\inc\ifs\wnet, 3790.1830\inc\ifs\wxp, and 7600.16385.1\inc\ddk ). So I just went ahead and added an include directory for the project (VS2008) to be \WinDDK\7600.16385.1\inc\ddk and now the compile works, but link fails. What is the .lib to link to? How is the user mode side of things intended to be used? TIA!!
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27 Dec 17 01:56
David F.
Join Date: 12 Jan 2012
Posts To This List: 26
UserMode app using FltUser.h and the .lib to link to?

Looks like "fltlib.lib" is the library and found those in several but just decided to use \WINDDK\7600.16385.1\lib\win7\i386 and \WINDDK\7600.16385.1\lib\win7\amd64 location. It looks like they designed it to build user apps under the ddk build environment rather than integrating by default to visual studio, so you just manually add the information to point to what you need.
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27 Dec 17 04:04
Gabriel Bercea
Join Date: 03 Mar 2008
Posts To This List: 320
UserMode app using FltUser.h and the .lib to link to?

You pbably want to check under Project->Properties->General->Platform Toolset and check which one is being used currently for your project. Gabriel
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