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18 May 17 04:05
Jin K
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There is a problem with "Get started with the Hardware Developer Program".

Hi! I need a new certificate because of the secure boot option. (Only Windows 10) So I tried authentication in the following order. 1. -> Click Next 2. icateInformation -> Click Next 3. load ->Download a signable file and Upload your signed file Here is the problem. =================================================== The certificate has already been used for registration The code signing certificate you used to sign in the file is already used by . Please contact your account administrator and have them add you to the directory. Once you've been added, you can sign in and manage certificates associated with . =================================================== If this is the case, press the "Sign in with Azure AD" button and go to step 1 again. Do you know why this is happening? I bought a EV certificate. and "Azure AD" is a trial version. Please help me.
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18 May 17 12:41
Peter Viscarola
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There is a problem with "Get started with the Hardware Developer Program".

Use the "Submit an Incident" feature from the Dashboard... Click the ? in the upper right hand corner. Nobody on the forum here is going to be able to help you. Peter OSR @OSRDrivers
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