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Looking for peer support for developing Windows system software? OSR hosts four important lists that you should be aware of. Why do we do it? Well, we started out by benefiting from posts in the Compuserve forums years ago...we're just trying to keep that spirit alive today.

NTDEV -- Windows System Software Developers List
This list is dedicated to the development of drivers for the Windows family of operating systems. Looking for Win32 or user-mode peer support? Not here. But if you've got a design, implementation or support issue with a Windows kernel-mode driver, this is the place to be. Inhabited by newbies, seasoned veterans, and even the Microsoft developers... Take the opportunity to learn from your peers to get over that particular development hump.

NTFSD -- Windows File System Developers List
Developing file systems or file system filter drivers? You need to be intimately familiar with the topics discussed on this list. Really...you can't afford not to partake of the information that is exchanged in this list.

WINDBG -- Windows Debugger Users List
Having trouble debugging a particularly thorny issue?? Do you find it impossible to make WinDbg do what you want?? This is the list for your issues.

NTTALK -- Extended Discussions About System Software (particularly Windows)
Hate/Love some feature in the Windows I/O subsystem??? Think Linux does it better/worse? Want to hold forth on why nobody ever will (or perhaps should) be able to write drivers in C#?? Why C++ is a plague on human kind?? This is the list for you. Free-flowing, rambling, sometimes even intelligent and thought provoking... that's what you'll find on NTTALK.

How To Join a List

You can sign-up to join one or more of our discussion lists using the link below. You must be a member of a list before you can post to that list.

CLICK HERE to Join One or More of the Lists

How To Manage Your List Membership

You can manage your list membership entirely via the web. This includes changing your type of membership, changing your email address, and joining or leaving one or more lists.

CLICK HERE Manage Your Existing List Membership

How To Read and/or Contribute To The Lists

Anybody can read the list contents, but only list members may post. You must join each list separately. The community has told us that having a choice of access methods is important. So you can participate in the lists via your choice of the following methods:

  • Web-Based Forum Interface -Read and post messages using our very own web-based forum interface. See Web-Based Forum Access, below.
  • Email - The OSR List Server can send you email messages as each item posted to the list. You may also reply to or submit postings via email. When you join the list, you will receive the list "joining notes" which includes the email with the address to use to send questions.
  • News reader - You may use a read and post messages using any standard news reader. However, this is a private news group, so you need to (a) point your news reader at lists.osr.com and (b) logon to the news server with your email address and password (this is the email address and password that you used to join the list). Click here for detailed instructions on accessing the lists using Outlook Newsreader.

Regardless of the method you chose to contribute to the lists, you can track the what's going on via RSS News Feed - The most recent items posted to each list are supplied via an RSS feed. Click here for the RSS Feed Links or, if you're using Firefox you can click on the "Live Bookmark" icon in the lower-right hand corner of your browser. Note that the lists make a great addition to your iGoogle home page.

We really strongly encourage anyone interested in joining the lists to read the FAQ. It'll save you (and other list members) much time and annoyance. Really.

How To Search The Lists

You can search the lists -- using an intelligent, high-speed, threaded, full-text search -- either from the search box at the left (select the list name from the SEARCH drop down), or from the link below. Note that we work very hard at getting Google to index the lists, so searches via Google should also work.

Click Here To Search The Lists

List Rules and Etiquette

You get a list of the list rules when you join. But nobody seems to read those notes, so we're posting some of the most important rules here:

  • The lists are strictly non-commercial -- This means no advertising of products, services, or jobs.
  • The lists members names or email addresses may not be harvested for commercial purposes.
  • The lists welcome questions from members with all level of experience. However, this does not relieve any poster, noob or expert, from the requirement of doing their homework before posting a question. Posters are expected to have searched the archives, and Google, thoroughly before posting a question.
  • The lists welcome questions from members all over the world. List members must be aware of the potential for vast differences in economic, cultural, and language environments among those participating in the lists. For example, posters should not expect immediate answers to their questions -- many list members might be in timezones 12 hours away!

These are just the most important points. See the list of Frequently Asked Questions About The Lists for more info about the lists and the expected List etiquette.

Common List Problems, Questions, and Issues

The lists are very easy to use. However, if you have a problem or question, we probably have the answer in our ListServer FAQ.

CLICK HERE to read the OSR Lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, you can send your question to the list owners using this link.

Common List Problems, Questions, and Issues

Common List Problems, Questions, and Issues

How To Join a List

Kernel Debugging & Crash Analysis

Manchester, NH
30 July - 3 Aug 2018

Developing Filter Manager Minifilters

Manchester, NH
20-24 August 2018

Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts

Santa Clara/San Jose, CA
10-14 Sept 2018

Writing WDF Drivers II: Advanced Implementation Techniques

Manchester, NH
16-19 October 2018


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