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As of September 2018, the well-loved and well-used OSR Lists have become the OSR Developer Community Forums.

The lists here on OSRONLINE are maintained in read-only form for historical purposes only.

Please visit the new Community page on OSR.COM and join us at the https://community.osr.com -- We'll look forward to seeing you there!

Looking for peer support for developing Windows system software? OSR hosts four important lists that you should be aware of. Why do we do it? Well, we started out by benefiting from posts in the Compuserve forums years ago...we're just trying to keep that spirit alive today.

NTDEV -- Windows System Software Developers List
This list is dedicated to the development of drivers for the Windows family of operating systems. Looking for Win32 or user-mode peer support? Not here. But if you've got a design, implementation or support issue with a Windows kernel-mode driver, this is the place to be. Inhabited by newbies, seasoned veterans, and even the Microsoft developers... Take the opportunity to learn from your peers to get over that particular development hump.

NTFSD -- Windows File System Developers List
Developing file systems or file system filter drivers? You need to be intimately familiar with the topics discussed on this list. Really...you can't afford not to partake of the information that is exchanged in this list.

WINDBG -- Windows Debugger Users List
Having trouble debugging a particularly thorny issue?? Do you find it impossible to make WinDbg do what you want?? This is the list for your issues.

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