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09 Nov 17 11:54
Daniel Miller
Join Date: 09 Nov 2017
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Debugging errors from INetCfgClassSetup::Install

I am working on Npcap, a Ndis 6.0 LWF, and we are getting some reports of installation failures that we've traced to the INetCfgClassSetup::Install call. I need to be able to diagnose these errors, but I can't find sufficient information for some of the more unusual error codes. SetupAPI has a nice log file; is there anything similar for INetCfg? The specific errors we are getting at the moment are 0x8007000d (ERROR_INVALID_DATA) and 0x80070005 (ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, even though the user is running the installation as Administrator). Any help with these specifics would be great, but I am looking for general advice on diagnosing similar errors. Thanks! Ref: Npcap source code:
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