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20 Apr 17 11:32
Peter Scott
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Re[2]: Windows Driver/Rootkit Development - function pointer - STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER

As I said, make your patch routine very simple, do nothing other than=20 pass the parameters onto the real API. If the system works fine, then=20 move on to logging information. As for the name mangling, you could, for= =20 example, pass in a name such as "MyDriverName_(path to file)" Then in=20 your patch routine recognize the "MyDriverName_", remove it and pass the= =20 rest on to the real function. Again, this sort of thing is really ugly=20 and not supported in any way but it can work. Pete -- Kernel Drivers Windows File System and Device Driver Consulting 866.263.9295 ------ Original Message ------ From: To: "Windows System Software Devs Interest List" <> Sent: 4/20/2017 9:21:22 AM Subject: RE:[ntdev] Windows Driver/Rootkit Development - function=20 pointer - STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER >What I'm currently doing in each hooked function is very simple. I just= =20 >log that the function was called and which process it was called by and= =20 >then call the original function. I don't understand what you mean by=20 >"name mangling", could you provide a more concrete example? How do I=20 >recognise that my code is calling the logger (or vice versa) as my code= =20 >(inc logger) is running as a driver, so the process making the call=20 >will appear as svchost.exe surely. > >--- >NTDEV is sponsored by OSR > >Visit the list online at:=20 ><> > >MONTHLY seminars on crash dump analysis, WDF, Windows internals and=20 <...excess quoted lines suppressed...>
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