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10 Jan 17 04:03
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Determine type of NDIS driver

Hi, I have a source code of a VPN NDIS driver (It uses NDIS 5.X). When it installs, it creates an adapter in "Network connections". I want to know which of the following category this NDIS driver falls into: 1. NDIS miniport: It cannot be this because it does not manage a physical NIC. 2. NDIS intermediate filter driver: It can be this, but as per the documentation, this type of driver shoud have 2 INF files, but it uses only one. As per documentation: Two INF files are required to install a network filter intermediate driver: Driver service ( Class= NetService) Driver device ( Class= Net) 3. Integrated miniport call manager (MCM) driver Below are some of its features I have observed: 1. It has a single INF file with registry section entries: HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, UpperRange, 0, "ndiscowan" ; HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, LowerRange, 0, "nolower" ; 2. In Version section it has: Class = Net 3. It implements ProtocolXXX as well as MiniportXXX functions. 4. For establishing connection, it uses RAS dialer. Is there anything else which can help me to determine the exact type of this driver? Thanks.
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