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Utilities For Driver Writers?? We Got 'Em!

We've got utilities, apps, command procedures and more for you to download. They're all designed with you, the driver writer, in mind, and they're all free. Just don't expect support. Everything in this section is supplied 100% as-is.

Looking for code associated with articles from The NT Insider?

Got A Utility Suggestion?
Hey, if we can use your creative noggin' and our toolsmithing abilities to come up with useful utilities for Windows driver developers, world peace would be just around the corner...well, lets just leave it at being a marked improvement to the current state of things.

Send us an idea. Regale us of an annoying, repetitive task that could use a little simplification. Detail a level of insight or access into the OS that you could benefit from (ok, save having the Windows source distribution as a mapped drive letter).

Suggest one deliver on and we'll get you referenced in the app as the "idea man", and send you a box o' goodies as thanks.

Send your flashes of genious to ntinsider@osr.com

These downloads are no longer maintained and are provided for historic/archive purposes only. Most no longer serve any useful purpose and/or have been supplanted by standard Windows utilities. None represent "best in class' utilities or practices.

We do not recommend that you download any of these utilities.

OSR's online presence can now be found at https://www.osr.com.

License Information
Programs downloaded from this site are subject to the license terms described on the download page for the specific file(s) or within the download package. If no such license exists, programs, utilities, source code, and documentation downloaded from this site are subject to the OSR Example Code Notice and License.

WinDBG Command History Extension
Number of Downloads: 1348
Avoid having to retype, scroll, or otherwise hunt for the WinDBG commands that you've executed in your current debug session!
OSRSYSTOOL Osr Test System Configuration Utility
Number of Downloads: 3280
Tired of having to download a bunch of tools to configure a test sytem? Would you like a way to set up everything with just one tool?  Well you are in luck OSRSYSTOOLS is here!
VBCDEDIT Vista Boot Configuration Utility
Number of Downloads: 2014
Tired of using the BCDEDIT to modify your Vista boot configuration settings?  Well you are in luck VBCDEDIT is here.
Number of Downloads: 4270
Tired of using the WinDbg or RegEdt32 to enable DbgPrintEx messages to appear via WinDbg? Well you are in luck SetDbgPrintFiltering is here.
Sample WDF Driver for Sealevel Digital I/O Kit
Number of Downloads: 14782
Here's the latest update to the sample?KMDF driver for?the Sealevel Digital I/O Kit. It supports the most recent release of the SeaLevel DIO-24 board (the 8018).?Have fun!
Number of Downloads: 4239
The OSR Virtual CD and Disk driver allows a user to mount .ISO,.IMG images as CD-ROMs and allows the user to create and mount?.DSK files that act as Disk Drives.? In addition true disk image file format (.bin) has been added
File Test Utility
Number of Downloads: 10669
FileTest is a GUI utility that allows you to interactively specify options to create, read, write and copy files. A community contribution, written by Windows system software expert Ladislav Zezula. Includes both executable and complete source code organized as an MS VC V6 project. Updated July 2005! V1.1.1.65 now supports AMD64 (as a 64-bit executable), more NtQueryInformation types, and includes minor bug fixes.
File Spy Utility
Number of Downloads: 16875
This utility, written by community member Ladislav Zezula, tracks and displays all the file system activity on your system. Uses a modified version of the FileSpy driver that's distributed in the Windows IFS kit. Finally, an alternative to the famous "filemon" program! Check it out!
Increment Version (IV) Utility
Number of Downloads: 2788
This is the OSR automatic Increment Versioning (IV) utility for use in managing version resources.
Number of Downloads: 31274
IrpTracker allows you to monitor all I/O request packets (IRPs) on a system without the use of any filter drivers and with no references to any device objects, leaving the PnP system entirely undisturbed...
Number of Downloads: 11096
View mountpoints, physical disks and storage adapters with this simple utility...
Number of Downloads: 68003
Displays the entire PnP enumeration tree of device objects, including relationships among objects and all the device's reported PnP characteristics.  It demystifies the Windows PnP stack and is an invaluable asset to driver debuggging.
Number of Downloads: 22655
A cool update to that old DOS-style version, showing you pool usage for your driver (allows snapshots too).
Number of Downloads: 17132
Great viewer for driver debug messages when you don't have a debugger attached...
GUI Object Viewer
Number of Downloads: 10569
If you're familiar with the Object Viewer that comes with NT, you'll enjoy this version that has added features like the abililty to view the NT namespace and modify the security on objects.
DDKBUILD -- Visual Studio .CMD Procedure For Building Drivers
Number of Downloads: 27840
Build drivers using the DDK from within Visual Studio.
Number of Downloads: 7830
Converts the NTSTATUS values from the DDK into strings to print out...
SFP Control
Number of Downloads: 3985
Modify settings for System File Protection...
Driver Loader
Number of Downloads: 57341
GUI-based tool for installing/starting your driver during development process.
WinDbgStart -- Manage Multiple Debugger Configurations
Number of Downloads: 4198
Manage multiple debugger configurations, and easily manipulate debugger options with this cool utility from OSR.
OSR Online IOCTL Decoder

Have an IOCTL control code, and you'd like to know what device it's for?  Perhaps you need to know what buffer method it uses?  Try this handy OSR Online utility!
LogControl -- Tailor SetupAPI Logging
Number of Downloads: 3035
This utility allows you to easily tailor the level and format of information generated by the SetupAPI logging facility.
Number of Downloads: 5757
Display contents of : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\RESOURCEMAP\System Resources
Number of Downloads: 8355
Manage filters for a device or class...
BANG! -- Crash on Demand Utility
Number of Downloads: 12593
Force a system crash for test purposes...
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