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  · Windows 8.1 Update: VS Express Now Supported
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  · When CAN You Call WdfIoQueueP...ously
OSR Online RSS Feeds

OSR Online RSS Feeds


If you want to get the latest news from OSR Online, but you don't want to be bothered with having to wade through your email/spam to find our illustrious OSR Online Content Update! message, perhaps an RSS feed is what you need?

We're currently supporting the following feeds:


xml News
xml The NT Insider
xml Hector's Memos To Developers
xml The Basics
xml Downloads
xml File Systems
xml NTDEV -- Windows System Software Developers List
xml NTFSD -- Windows File System Developers List
xml WINDBG -- Windows System Debugger List

We're new to this RSS stuff, so feel free to drop us some email if you have trouble with the feeds.


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