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12 Feb 18 11:28
Yuval Ohana
Join Date: 12 Feb 2018
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Reading/Writing to Physical Memory

Hello, im building a ring0 kmdf driver. I am using KeStackAttachProcess to read virtual memory of a specific process. The problem is, i do not seem to have write permissions to the specific memory area id like to change. Iv'e tried using NtVirtualProtect but it does not seem to work. I assumed as kernel id have write access to whichever address i wanted, but i dont seem to have that priviledge. I thought about, since i can read from the process, reading all physical memory (4GB of ram in my case) - and searching for the specific thing i want to change, and somehow writing over it. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to doing such thing or an alternative? Thanks, Yuval.
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12 Feb 18 18:14
Alex Grig
Join Date: 14 Apr 2008
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Reading/Writing to Physical Memory

Keep in mind that not all memory of a process is mapped.
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