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07 Dec 17 13:32
Peter Scott
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Re[2]: Re[2]: Re[2]: Re[2]: How to filter the request in MUP?

If you just attach to the LanMan redirector device, which you should be getting an InstanceSetup callback, then you can handle things just like, or very close, to how you handle local accesses. Pete -- Kernel Drivers Windows File System and Device Driver Consulting 866.263.9295 ------ Original Message ------ From: "" <> To: "Windows File Systems Devs Interest List" <> Sent: 12/7/2017 11:04:15 AM Subject: RE:[ntfsd] Re[2]: Re[2]: Re[2]: How to filter the request in MUP? >Thanks so much for your explanation, let me try to understand this: >The MUP is just a multiplexor for the registered UNC providers(LanMan >redirector in my condition), the mup will only catch the first >pre-create request, it determines which provider should handle the >following request according to this. >So my encryption filter should let the first pre-create request go >without doing any changes, and the following requests(down to LanMan >redirector in my condition) should be handled as normal, such as create >a file object in the pre-create and substitute for the fake one in all >of the following requests. <...excess quoted lines suppressed...>
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