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On-Access, Transparent, Per-File Data Encryption:

OSR's File Encryption Solution Framework (FESF) provides all the infrastructure you need to build a transparent file encryption product REALLY FAST.

Super flexible policy determination and customization, all done in user-mode. Extensive starter/sample code provided.

Proven, robust, flexible. In use in multiple commercial products.

Currently available on Windows. FESF for Linux will ship in 2018.

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24 Feb 03 17:33
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Hi everybody, I've been using IOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT from kernel mode for a while. Partitioning my drives using this IoCtl works very well. There is an issue I'm just about to understand (hopefully). As soon as I've changed the drive layout, the bios (and further some apps using bios functions) recognize the 20 GB drive in error as an 8 GB harddisk. The BIOS setting in this case is "USER DEFINED". I suggest it's a bad CHS information the BIOS gets from the MBR. It isn't possible to write CHS to the MBR manually using IOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT, is it? My question is: Has someone ever encountered this behavior, could explain or tell how to work around it? Regards, Tobias
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