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16 Jul 18 14:05
Ray Mike
Join Date: 16 Jul 2018
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How to get raw data from NET_BUFFER_LIST

How to get raw data from _NET_BUFFER_LIST structure ? Let's say i am writing NDIS filter driver. There is _NET_BUFFER_LIST structure. How do i get the traffic raw data and print it to my debugger screen.
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16 Jul 18 14:19
ashish kohli
Join Date: 29 Nov 2014
Posts To This List: 50
How to get raw data from NET_BUFFER_LIST

NET_BUFFER_LIST is list of NET_BUFFER_LIST NET_BUFFER_LIST is list of NET_BUFFER NET_BUFFER is list of MDL So your reading will be recursive. ReadNetbufferList ----- Read all single NET_BUFFER_LIST and then concatenate ReadNetBufferListSingle --- Read all single NET_BUFFER and then concatenate ReadNetBuffer -- Read all MDLs and then concatenate ReadMDL -- Code to read data in MDL You can use NdisGetDataBuffer to get all data from NET_BUFFER as optimization
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