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13 Jul 18 22:46
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the post that launched a thousand ships

Clearly I struck some kind of nerve as coming back to this form I find that there are hundreds of messages I haven?t read since last week when I was angry To those who claim that I don?t like C++ because I haven?t appreciated the beauty or elegance of the language, I will say nothing at all. If you can make this kind of statement after reading what I wrote, nothing I can say can make any kind if difference in your mind I have not read at least 100 messages since last week, but if in some way I have helped Anton to be rehabilitated in this community, I must have done something right Lets also assume that I can defend my opinions on language design and usage But feel free anyone to tell me where I err Sent from Mail<> for Windows 10 ________________________________ From: <> on behalf of <> Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 10:10:04 PM To: Windows System Software Devs Interest List Subject: RE:[ntdev] DMA Memory - MmAllocateContiguousNodeMemory > One post is not quite enough earn you redemption, Mr Bassov. Oh, come on - I had mainly behaved recently, although still with some VERY infrequent trolling attempts (like the one one C++ thread)..... Anton Bassov --- NTDEV is sponsored by OSR Visit the list online at: <> MONTHLY seminars on crash dump analysis, WDF, Windows internals and software drivers! Details at <> To unsubscribe, visit the List Server section of OSR Online at <> --
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