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14 Jun 18 07:39
omri aviasr
Join Date: 25 May 2018
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Getting full file path out of WRITE operation

hello, i am developing a minifilter and one of my goals is to know which file in the file system was changed and by which process and how. I am tracking only write operations and i wish to get as much knowledge as i can get about each operation, and send it to a user mode application. 1. One of my goals is finding the full path of the file which was changed and i am a little bit confused about how it could be done. I know it is possible to use FltQueryInformationFile but i couldn't understand if i can get the full path or only the file name. Then someone here in the forums told me about this version of this function in user-mode but still i can't tell if i can get the full path or only the file name. So my question is which is the easiest way of extracting the full path of target file from a WRITE operation passed to the minifilter? 2. Another problem - Can I use the pointer to an OBJECT_FILE given in the minifilter and pass it to the user application and use it there? Because it points only to someplace in the memory. 3. Another small issue if i use XXXQueryinformationFile i should pass the FILE_NAME_INFORMATION to the function but how can i know how much memory to allocate for the path
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14 Jun 18 08:54
Scott Noone
Join Date: 10 Jul 2002
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List Moderator
Getting full file path out of WRITE operation

You're at the edge of a cliff and about to walk right off. You need to step back and learn more about minifilters. Have you tried playing with MiniSpy? r/minispy Using it along with FileTest can be very enlightening: I recommend adding a secondary volume to your system formatted with FAT. Then ONLY attach MiniSpy to the FAT volume, add some breakpoints, and start getting used to how things work. HTH, -scott OSR @OSRDrivers
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