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05 Mar 18 12:17
nkManoja kumar
Join Date: 27 Jun 2016
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Need help in rescanning specific HBA

Hi All, I was wondering if there is any mechanism to re-scan specific HBA port from user space with IOCTL/API ? This is required for our user space implementation to issue HBA re-scan instead of whole storage stack refresh. I had come across this IOCTL : IOCTL_SCSI_RESCAN_BUS IOCTL which is directed towards non-PNP drivers and it says as obsolete. Apart from this In powershell, i figured out there is "Get-InitiatorPort" module which does list of all HBA/SCSI port's in system and Update-HostStorageCache (Diskpar | rescan) which does all volume/storage objects refresh. But, I found none of the user space API/component which can issue rescan on specific HBA. i.e. All driven by PnP mechanism only. Am i missing something here ? Could someone help on this please.
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