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13 Sep 17 14:47
Peter Viscarola
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Yet ANOTHER Mail Header Change

It seems that there is more than one person who uses Thunderbird that reads this list. This came as a pretty big surprise to me, but hey... to each their own. After our last attempt at reformatting email headers, we attained our goal: Lots of mail servers stopped bouncing our significant percentage of the email the list sent. YAY! While we WERE spewing some pretty horribly formatted "FROM:" headers, nobody seemed to mind. Well, nobody but one Thunderbird users who wrote to me. Last night, I got email from another Thunderbird user. So, I figured I'd take another shot at forming email headers on NTDEV and NTFSD. Please let me know if the change I just implemented makes things any better or worse. Peter OSR Semi-Occasional List Slave
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