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Help Wanted Ads In The NT Insider

Help Wanted Ads in 

Thank you for your interest in placing an ad for recruiting purposes in The NT Insider. With a well-defined audience of more than 15,000 system software developers worldwide, we're confident you will find this to be a valuable addition to your efforts to attract top-talent individuals to join your organization. To further define our demographics we offer the following: (Numbers change daily)

    Domestic = 7,000 (approximately)     International = 9,000 (approximately)

Full Page
7" x 9"
1/2 Page Horizontal
7 1/2" x 4 1/2"
1/4 Page
3 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Supplied Material 

  • B/W Only
  • Electronic Submission: TIFF and EPS(PC)
  • Please Follow Up with a fax for verification of output


Ad Size 1X 2X 3X
Full Page $12,000 $10,000 $8,000
1/2 Page Horizontal $7,000 $6,000 $5,000
1/4 Page $4,000 $3,500 $3,000


Example:   July-August issue would be due by August 1 
                Sept-October issue would be due by October 1

Since this is published bi-monthly, any request received during a publication month, received after final editing of that month, will be published in the following issue. So to insure that your advertisement runs in the month you require, please furnish the information by deadline dates. This will allow time for us to return your ad for final edit and approval. We will not publish ads without final approval. Please remember we will not accept General Advertisements - Help Wanted Only.

For further information, or to submit an advertisement, please contact us at info@osr.com.




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