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Instant Online Crash Analysis

Windows Crash Dump Analysis: Help From The Experts

Driver errors can cause Windows to crash or hang. Fortunately, there are multiple ways OSR can help you determine what's wrong!

Perhaps you have a crash or hang that you've tried to analyze, but just can't discover the root cause. You might be on a QA team, a member of the IT staff, an engineer in a support organization, or a developer with a really nasty issue.

OSR's Problem Analysis service can help. One of our experts, who works on analyzing tough Windows systems-level problems every day, is available to review your crash or hang and provide you a definitive, written, analysis of the problem as well as guidance on further steps you can take to mitigate the problem. And we can do this for you within just a few days of receipt of your problem, and at a very reasonable fixed price. Check it out.

If you don't have a problem that's immediately pressing, you might consider building your skills. The successful analysis of a crash dump requires a good background in Windows internals and data structures, but it also lends itself to a rigorous, methodical approach. Crash analysis is a skill that can be learned. Our Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis Seminar will teach you proven strategies for how to analyze system-level problems.

Immediate !Analyze -v: OSR's Instant Online Crash Analysis

Effectively immediately, support for our Instant Online Crash Analyzer has been withdrawn. As you know, the OSR Online website has been retired... our developer blogs have moved to our corporate web site, and the NTDEV, NTFSD, and WINDBG lists were migrated to our Community forum. Now, it's time for the Instant Online Crash Analyzer to fade go into the retirement it so richly deserves.

Does this leave you in a bind? Hate the fact that the Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer has gone away? Feel free to write to us and complain! Write to CrashDumpAnalyzer@osr.com and tell us what you miss and why. Who knows... Dan might decide to bring this feature back!

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