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This OSR Online forum is dedicated to assisting Windows engineering professionals who are actively seeking new full-time employment opportunities.

Guidelines (please read prior to posting): Each posting must clearly describe your qualifications, any location restrictions, and the type of job you are seeking. You must be personally seeking permanent employment in engineering, testing or management in a field associated with Windows internals or driver development. Postings are accepted from principals only. Postings by third parties such as headhunters, friends, relatives, and job placement companies are not allowed. We encourage posting from your "home" email address (such as fred@attbi.com -- this address will be visible to all logged-in OSR Online members), and recommend that your posting include your full name. However, we understand the need for confidentiality in certain situations. In such cases, you should expect to be contacted by the moderators, and be able to validate your good intentions. All postings must be re-validated every 30 days.  Postings that are more than 45 days old and not renewed will be subject to removal.Sorry, but it is not permissable to solicit contract, temporary, or consulting opportunities through this forum.  We are working on a separate forum for such opportunities.

In the interest of rapid exchange of information, postings will appear immediately and do not require prior moderator approval.  However, the moderators will regularly review all postings. Postings that do not adhere to the guidelines or that the moderators judge as in any way unsuitable will be deleted without notice.

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