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Working on file systems??Or perhaps you want to be able to test your driver with unusual create or access modes?? If either of these is the case, then you'll want to check out this utility, written by Windows system software expert Ladislav Zezula and graciously made available to the community.

FileTest serves as a GUI front-end to both the Win32 and native NT file creation functions, as well as the Windows ReadFile, WriteFile and CopyFile functions.? With it, you can interactively specify parameters for these functions and see the status returned.

For example, for NtCreateFile, you can specify desired access, file attributes, share disposition, create options, and just about anything else.? And you can do so using the names of the options? (such as FILE_OPEN_FOR_BACKUP_INTENT), so you don't have to remember or look-up the hex values of the parameters.

The downloadable ZIP archive includes both the executable and complete source code organized in an MS VC 6 project.? Note that you will need to install the Platform SDK to build the x64 (AMD64) version.

V1.1.1.65 includes support for native?X64 executable, additional NtQueryInformation types, and a few minor bug fixes.

Version: V1.1.1.65
OS Support XP and later
Date Updated: 8?JUly 2005
Author: Ladislav Zezula


?FileTest Utility -- Executable and Source Code -- Zip Archive, 300KB

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