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Now Available for Download: Latest WDK Docs
(By: OSR Staff | Published: 02-Aug-07| Modified: 02-Aug-07)
Who says things never change for the better?  I was happy to learn recently that (after years of asking) the latest and greatest WDK documentation can now be downloaded from microsoft.com.  The URL is:


Note that download this is not a full WDK. Rather, it comprises just the WDK documentation (a mere 42MB... slim compared to the corpulent Vista WDK that incldues DTM and friends).

With this download, you can install the latest WDK docs:

  • Onto your laptop and take them with you on the plane;
  • Onto your non-internet connected machine in your test lab;
  • Onto your dev box, so you don't have to search online when the network is slow and annoying.

It may be a small victory, but it's always nice to find out about positive changes.   Thanks WDK Doc Team!

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