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No Win2K Support for KMDF?
(By: Hector J. Rodriguez | Published: 28-Nov-05| Modified: 14-Feb-06)
They're removing Win2K support from KMDF. But there's a good chance that you can help get this decision reversed. Read on for more details.

One of the key, fundamental, precepts of the Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) has been single executable driver compatibility from Windows 2000 through Windows Vista. Members of the driver development community were vociferous about this requirement in their very first discussions with the development team when KMDF was just a concept.

And, to their credit, the Microsoft developers heard the community and delivered a fully backwards-compatible KMDF through beta test and release candidate stages. Achieving this backward compatibility wasn't easy, but the devs did the extra work required because they knew it had to be done.

Now, on the eve of the release of KMDF V1.0, it seems that some pendejo in the myriad layers of Microsoft management has decided that supporting KMDF on Win2K doesn't fit with established Microsoft policy.

The result?? Win2K support has been dropped from KMDF V1.0  And, as if this isn't bad enough, the KMDF Coinstaller has been changed to actively prevent installing KMDF drivers on a Win2K system.

Dropping Win2K support from KMDF will just help the Microsoft haters serve up a big, fat, helping of "I told you that Microsoft doesn't care about us or what we think" to those of us who've been enthusiastic supporters of KMDF.

My sources tell me it's almost certainly too late to get this decision reversed for V1.0 -- But that there's a real chance to get this decision changed for KMDF V1.1 that will be released in the Vista WDK. If you want Win2K support re-enabled for KMDF, you must email Microsoft and tell them that Win2K support is critical to your business needs. Send your comments to kmdffdbk@microsoft.com and put the words "Windows 2000" in the subject.

We can get this decision changed, but every single dev in the community is going to have to raise their voices. C'mon, send an email now!

Update (14 February 2006): Due to community feedback, Microsoft has reversed their decision and agreed to include KMDF support in the next release of KMDF! See the news article on OSR Online.

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