Sample WDF Driver for Sealevel Digital I/O Kit
(By: | Published: 01-Mar-06| Modified: 16-Mar-06)


This is the WDF sample driver that demonstrates how to use the features of the Sealevel Digital I/O Kit. It includes sources and build procedures as well as testApp source code. We'll probably never get around to writing a WDM driver for this nice, simple, device (who wants to write a WDM driver when you can use KMDF?), but between this and the docs provided, it should be relatively painless to figure out.

We're very interested in?hearing comments on this driver from users of our Sealevel board. Post your comments using the link below.

(What?? You don't have a Sealevel Digital I/O Kit?? Go on over to the hardware section of the Online Store and buy one!)



Version: V3.1
OS Support XP and later
Date Updated: 17 April 2007
Author: OSR Staff

V3.1 adds support for the new model (8018) of the DIO-24 card to the INF file. No other changes.

V3.0 adds a cancel routine to prevent a hang when attempting to unload the driver while waiting for an interrupt. Also, updated SOURCES and INF files to work with the WDK (in addition to the Windows Server 2003 SP1 DDK) and the official release of KMDF (V1.0 and later). Also, removed the pre-build executables from the ZIP archive (if you can't figure out how to build it, what are you doing downloading it).



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