File Spy Utility
(By: | Published: 07-Mar-05| Modified: 10-Mar-05)

Another cool utility written by Windows system software expert Ladislav Zezula and graciously made available to the community.

This utility is a GUI program (with embedded auto-installing kernel mode driver) that tracks and displays file system activity on your system.? The file system filter driver that's used is a modified version of the FileSpy driver that's distributed as an example in the WIndows IFS Kit.

Finally, a GUI program that's more comprehensive (and more stable) than the well known "filemon" utility!? Because this utility uses licensed content from the Microsoft Windows IFS Kit, the source code cannot be distributed.? Please do not write to us and ask us (or Mr. Zezula) for the source code, cuz we're not going to send it to you.? If you want a copy of the FileSpy driver source code, you can get it from the IFS Kit.? Licensing information can be found here.

Version: V3.0.2.280
OS Support XP and later
Both 32- and 64-bit systems
Date Updated: 23 April 2007
Author: Ladislav Zezula


?FileSpy Utility -- Executable?only -- Zip Archive, 920KB

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