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Inlining into SEH Filters Can Result in Invalid Code on AMD64
(By: Hector J. Rodriquez | Published: 02-Jun-04| Modified: 07-Jun-04)

It started out as a typical day for me at the office.  I came in, I got my double dose of French Roast coffee and settled down for a long day of, well...doing whatever is I get paid to do here.   Along the way I came across some documentation on Structured Exception Handling and found this interesting tidbit of information: Under the title "AMD64 Compiler Limitations" in the Windows Server 2003 DDK states the following:

"Inlining into SEH filters can result in invalid code if you use the GetExceptionCode or GetExceptionInfo fuctions."

The accompanying example illustrates the code that can cause problems: 

//Avoid using GetExceptionInfo() for this structure
__inline void funca(DWORD); 
__try { 
} except(funca(GetExceptionCode())) 
//Instead use the compiler switch /Ob0 to disable inlining or use: 
// On a class member function if there is a problem 

I doubt many people would ever do this, but it is an interesting tidbit to keep in mind. 

Oh well, time for another French Roast double!

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