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Disabling Shutdown Query for Server 2003
(By: Hector J. Rodriguez | Published: 07-May-04| Modified: 10-May-04)

Ever been annoyed by those constant requests from Windows Server 2003 about your reason for rebooting?  If so, you can disable this prompting.  Of course, this information is described in the Microsoft Knowledge base (293814) but given the support teams penchant for renumering articles, we'll give you a quick, driver-writer oriented perspective on how to get this done!

To disable this, you must use the group policy editor MMC snap-in.  The simplest way to do this is to type start gpedit.msc from a command line.  This brings up the MMC snap-in.  From there, navigate to Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates and finally System.  The Display Shutdown Event Tracker option controls whether or not the shutdown dialog is displayed.

There is still plenty of other good information in the KB article on this topic - like how to enable this for Windows XP (why!?) as well as how to define custom (default) reasons for unexpected shutdowns - in our development environment, we certainly see plenty of those unexpected shutdowns.

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