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The 411 on Driver 911: Resources for Driver Writers
(By: The NT Insider, Vol 8, Issue 1, Jan-Feb 2001 | Published: 15-Feb-01| Modified: 01-Nov-02)

It seems a bunch of you-all are new to the Windows NT/2K/XP driver development game. This means you probably don?t know about the main resources that are available for getting help and staying up to date on what?s happening in the field. Here?s a quick list:

Microsoft Knowledge Base ? Frequently visit and check out recent knowledge based articles. In fact, using the MS web site, you can view all the Windows 2000® related KB articles for the past 7 or 14 days. You can also do this from he OSR web site (, and click on ?Resources?) where we narrow the search down a bit to stuff that's more likely to be of interest to driver writers.

The NT Insider ? Well, if you?re reading this, you?re halfway there at least.

Latest Windows DDK Docs On-Line ? Go to and click on ?DDK Documentation On Line?. By special arrangement with Microsoft, you can find the very latest DDK documentation on line here. Note the DDK docs we have online currently reflect both Win2K and Windows XP®. They are therefore more recent than the version in the current Win2K DDK, containing updates and corrections. Just leave it open on your desktop. That?s what the developers here at OSR do.

NTDEV ? This is probably the best resource around for getting questions answered on kernel-mode development. You must be a member to participate. To join, go to, and click on ?List Server?. You can access this group as either a traditional listsrv-type mailing list, or as a member-only usenet newsgroup (point your newsreader at The MS DDK support team (and folks from OSR) are members of this group, and often answer questions.

WINDBG ? A very quiet list for help on everybody?s favorite debugger. Also available as a member-only newsgroup. Sign up from, and click on ?List Server?. The WinDbg dev team answers questions here when they have time.

NTFSD ? The definitive group for file systems help. Also accessible as a member-only newsgroup. Sign up from, and click on ?List Server?. MS FS devs are regular contributors here. ? Usenet news group, similar to the NTDEV list mentioned above. Not available as a listsrv type mailing list. Very broad participation. ? Download the latest DDK. Get the latest news/
happenings in DDK-land. ? Get the latest version of WinDbg. ? The DDK support team?s site. This is a good place to look for pointers to KB articles, and solutions to common problems. Also, you?ll find additional DDK samples to download on these pages.

Ask Hector! ? When you?re weary?feeling small. When tears are in your eyes and you?ve exhausted all other possibilities for help? We may be able to save you. Send email to OSR?s Consultant-at-Large, Hector Rodriguez, and ask him your question. Because he knows all things carnal, ooops I mean kernel, the chances of getting your toughest questions answered are very good. Just be patient: Hector travels almost all the time (aside from being OSR?s spiritual leader, he?s also a world-renowned bon-vivant and UN certified peacekeeper ? We figure it gives him something to do in his spare time). Send email to The only caveat is that Hector?s a way busy guy. It?s usually best to do your homework before asking Hector a question. He?s getting old and can be, ah, cranky, at times.


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