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Definition of DDKBUILDENV Changed in Windows XP
(By: Hector J. Rodriguez | Published: 15-Aug-02| Modified: 11-Oct-02)

The definition of the build environment variable DDKBUILDENV has historically been used to define whether a driver is being built free (retail) or checked (debug). In versions of the DDK prior to Windows XP, a checked build was indicated by DDKBUILDENV being set to the value "checked" and a free build was indicate by "free".

Starting with the XP DDK (and following on into the XP SP1 and .NET (beta) DDKs) the value for DDKBUILDENV has been changed to "chk" and "fre" to indicate checked and free builds, respectively. If you reference either of these environment variable in your sources file, you may need to revise your code.

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