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Changes to SOURCES in XP DDK
(By: Hector J. Rodriguez | Published: 01-Aug-01| Modified: 09-Oct-02)

It seems a couple (not too frequently used) parameters have changed in the SOURCES file, as of the Windows XP DDK. For example, to allow different flags for different targets, according to MAKEFILE.DEF:



xxx_STDCALL = 1 use _stdcall calling convention 0 use _cdecl calling convention



xxx_... is {MSC|386|axp64|alpha|MPPC|ia64|amd64} where MSC_ applies to the C8 compiler independent of the cpu type. Specific cpu_ will take precedence over the equivalent MSC_ variable. 

These replace other, earlier, parameters (such as NTCPPFLAGS).

Believe it or not, much of this is now documented in the DDK documentation set. So, if you haven't read the DDK doc set recently, you haven't read the DDK doc set at all.

Also, this highlights the importance of re-reading MAKEFILE.DEF from time to time. It changes.

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