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The NT Insider Digital Edition -- Jan/Feb 2011

The Digital Edition of The NT Insider is back!

Yes, friends, we received sooo much positive feedback to the publication of our last issue in PDF format that we decided to continue the practice.

Download the January/February issue from: http://insider.osr.com/2011/ntinsider_2011_01.pdf

This issue is certainly a good one.  There are articles about writing software drivers, debugging race conditions... and you can even look forward to Peter "eating some crow" over his previous pontification about the iPad.

In case you missed the July/August 2010 Digital Edition of The NT Insider, that's still available and you can download it from here: http://insider.osr.com/2010/ntinsider_2010_07.pdf


Read, enjoy, and please do remember to pass along your feedback to us.

Writing WDF Drivers

Palo Alto, CA
28 Apr-2 May 2014

Advanced WDF Driver Development

Palo Alto, CA
5-8 May 2014

Developing File Systems
Boston/Waltham, MA
13-16 May 2014

Windows Internals and SW Drivers

Dulles/Sterling, VA
23-27 Jun 2014


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