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Save yourself the hassle of modifying system setting with RegEdt32 or WinDbg in order to view your DbgPrint or DbgPrintEx output with this smooth gui-based utility. Select the component to be modified in the drop down box and then set the filtering level.

 What's new in SetDbgPrintFiltering Utility, V1.0

Please give us feedback.   We will update the utility as fast as we can.

Version:  V1.0
OS Support: Windows VISTA,XP
Date Updated: 23 October 2007
Author: OSR


 SetDbgPrintFiltering Utility, V1.0, Zip Archive, 123KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 4164 times.

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User Comments
Rate this utility and tell the community how well you like it. Is it a worthwhile download? Does it work as described?? Does it help you in your job as a driver writer or tester?
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"works in win7 sp1"
just tried, thanks!!

03-Sep-11, vlad ivanov

"Excellent !"
You Saved me from Dying ! Thanks a lot

02-Sep-09, Behrouz Mohammady

"It Works!"
Great stuff! All though this information (how to enable debug messages under vista) is in the WDK docs, it is really hard to understand (at least for me). Here the explanation text is simple, and - the little registry application works!! I tried the same manually as other have here, and it didn't work for me too, but with the little above utility it worked! Thanks!!

06-Mar-09, Dudu Mizrachi

"good tool"
it is comvinient for us to update the Debug Print Filter. thank you very much.

10-Feb-09, huaping jiang

"Great for Vista"
I manually tried to set Debug Print Filter key using regedt32 and no matter what changes I make the messages do not appear in the WinDbg.

As a last trial, downloaded this SetDbgPrintFilterintg utility, updated the default key to 0xF and the debugging messages appear in the WinDbg.

Wonder why Vista obeys OSR and not its system admin.

09-Jan-08, Uday Bhaskar

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