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DDKBUILD -- Visual Studio .CMD Procedure For Building Drivers


Let's say you actually like using Visual Studio, and you want to use it to write drivers. You could configure all the VS options to match what's in the DDK... but you'll still be using the version of the compiler and linker that Visual Studio provides (which is, by the way, not the same as that used in any official DDK). What do you do?

OSR's DDKBUILD.BAT file to the rescue!? Just use this as an external build procedure, and you'll be able to build and browse drivers from within Visual Studio, but still use the DDK to ensure that the drivers you build will load and run flawlessly.

Associated article published in The NT Insider, May-June 2002 issue.

V7.4? R43 DDKBUILD.CMD (Updated?Nov 2009)

It adds support for the Windows 7 WDK(s) and introduces the option -CUV to invoke the Call Usage Verifier from PREfast. It implies -PREFAST, so that only -CUV needs to be given in such a case.


The Windows 7 WDK location is declared by using the variable W7BASE or WIN7BASE.

V6.12 DDKBUILD.BAT (Updated April 2008)

Add support for long file names.?? This updated was provided to us by Oliver Schneider.

V7.3? R27 DDKBUILD.CMD (Updated?Nov 2008)

Fixes problems outlined in NTDEV. This updated was provided to us by Oliver Schneider

Version: V6.12
Support: XP DDK to VISTA DDK
Date Updated: April 2008
Author: OSR

Version: V7.4 R43
Support: XP DDK to?WIN7 WDK
Date Updated: Nov?2009
Author: OSR, Oliver Schneider


DDKBUILD V6.12, ZIP Archive, 5KB

DDKBUILD V7.4 R43?Final, ZIP Archive, 11.6KB

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This utility has been downloaded 27761 times.

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"thank you!"
thank you for sharing

28-Mar-12, wang junjie

"Regexp strings in v7.3 R27 need to be updated"
Regexp string findstr "warning[^.][DRCLU][0-9][0-9]* error[^.][DRCLU][0-9][0-9]*" "build%OSR_EXT%.log" is really not enough. Please look into https://svn.assarbad.net/ddkbuild/trunk/ for testing different codes.

findstr "warning[^.][CDMRU][0-9][0-9]* warning[^.][BRP][KCWG][0-9][0-9]* warning[^.][ACLPS][DNRTVX][JKLTX][0-9][0-9]* error[^.][CDMRU][0-9][0-9]* error[^.][BRP][KCWG][0-9][0-9]* error[^.][ACLPS][DNRTVX][JKLTX][0-9][0-9]*" "build%OSR_EXT%.log" works well.

10-Apr-09, Eugene Lomovsky

"Link to documentation"
It would be useful to have a link to documentation is. I've found something useful, at http://ddkwizard.assarbad.net/, even if not using ddkwizard itself. And some of the questions asked here are answered there.

11-Mar-09, Steve Kovner

"ddkbuild.cmd' is not recognized"
dev environment:visual studio 2008 + Vista WDK 6000 + ddkbuild.cmd It's the first time for me to use it. what's problem ? thanks in advance. output:

1>------ Build started: Project: Driver1.WNET, Configuration: WNET checked (PREfast) Win32 ------ 1>Performing Makefile project actions 1>'ddkbuild.cmd' is not recognized as an internal or external command, 1>operable program or batch file. 1>Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Makefile project actions"

14-Oct-08, Alvin Hu

"DDK version autodetection"
Let's say I'm building my project for win2k3, and I have DDK for win2k8 installed. So, in batch file for build I have to do two things - set WLHBASE to DDK path and set "WLHNet" type for building project.

My point is, isn't it a bit redundant? I mean, if WLHBASE and only it is set, ddkbuild.cmd has all the information necessary to understand that if I'm using "ddkbuild.cmd WNET" I actually mean "ddkbuild.cmd WLHNet", doesn't it?

It's not a big deal really, but I wonder - am I doing something wrong?

29-Sep-08, Bogdan Opanchuk

"Possible bug with -jpath flag"
This is a great utility, I've been using it for months and it saved me a lot of time and trouble! :) But now I've faced a situation that might be a bug when using the -jpath flag.

DDKBuild doesn't work as it should with the -jpath flag of the build utility. The ddkbuild.cmd appears to consider that each flag is grouped with others (such as in "-cefZ") or separated by " " ("-c -e -f -Z"), but doesn't address flags that has parameters, such as the -jpath flag (-jpath ).

I fixed it by removing the "-e" appended to the bflags var (line 597) as it is already part of the bflags (the bflags is initialized as "-Ze", line 587).

Here in my project I didn't have any problem with this approach, but I wonder if there is a specific situation where the "-e" flag must be appended to every flag passed to the build utility.

PS: I'm using ddkbuild v7.2 (April 2008)

12-Aug-08, Thiago Figueredo Cardoso

"WDK 6001 problem"
It's very convenient utility. Thanks. There is a small problem when using it for build WNETAMD64 by using WDK 6001. Setenv.bat (which is called internally by ddkbuild) does not recognize "AMD64" parameter. It must be replaced by "x64". For ddkbuild.cmd it's solved by fixing the following line: set OSR_CMDLINE="%%BASEDIR%%\bin\setenv.bat" %%BASEDIR%% %%BuildMode%% AMD64 WNET

19-Oct-07, Vladimir Zinin

"The browse files ..."
To be honest I deactivate browse files in all my driver projects. Instead I use Visual AssistX, which will - after pointing it to the DDK/WDK headers - parse the actual header files and provide a much enhanced version of IntelliSense allong with a lot more improvements in the IDE. I'd not want to work without it anymore, although it is kind of expensive for "just" a plugin. And yes, they are known to be incompatible. Until I found VAX, I had even problems between some "older" IDE version (2003, if I recall correctly) and the "newer" tools in the Windows 2003 SP1 DDK.

06-Sep-07, Oliver Schneider

"VC6.0 bscmake incompatible with WDK 6000?"
My VC6.0 bscmake complains the *.sbr files generated by WDK 6000 are corrupted. Anyone would like to share?

02-Apr-07, Eng Ban Ong

"Support for UMDF"
How about the support for UMDF builds?

05-Dec-06, Amloorp Anand

"A fix is in the works along with some other updates"
Hi, A fix is in the works for this. Thanks for pointing this out.

03-May-06, Mark Cariddi

"Build flags problem"
Great utility, but I found one problem. The batch file assumes that the flags passed to "build" are all in one parameter. My directory tree has several directories that are not built for each project, and I use the ~ operator to exclude them. For example:

build ~dir1 ~dir2

Since bflags is reset for each flag, my build only gets executed as

build ~dir2 -e

It's easy enough to fix -- Essentially bflags should have each flag appended instead of replacing the whole thing. (This is at line 304 in ddkbuild.cmd, and line 522 in ddkbuild.bat v6.5.)

03-May-06, Jeff Claar

"Another way to build"
Place this in the build cmd line of VS: cmd /c "C:\WINDDK\3790~1.183\bin\setenv.bat C:\WINDDK\3790~1.183 chk WXP && cd $(InputDir) && C:\WINDDK\3790~1.183\bin\x86\build -eMI". The arguments for setenv.bat come from the shortcuts placed in the start menu. This allows you to build from VS as if you just clicked the shortcuts changed to the directory and ran the build command, the recommended way to do it.

21-Jan-06, Kwadwo Mireku

"DDKBUILD V7.0 Beta"
Thanks for the comments on this, I'll look into it.

17-Jan-06, Mark Cariddi

"DDKBUILD V7.0 Beta"
Great script, but with one small typeo - %%BASEDIR% below is missing a %.

:: WNET build for 64bit (AMD) using WNET DDK :WNETAMD64Build set OSR_BUILDNAME=WNET 64 BIT BUILD using WNET DDK set BASEDIR=%WNETBASE% set OSR_CMDLINE=%%BASEDIR%%\bin\setenv.bat %%BASEDIR% %%mode%% AMD64 WNET goto :EOF

12-Jan-06, Cornelis van Rikxoort

"Building for Win 2k with WNET3790.1830 DDK"
Looks like a tiny inconsquential bug for those of us still writing for windows 2000

I was getting an error on the line: call %BASEDIR%\bin\w2k\set2k.bat %BASEDIR% %mode%

changed to: call %BASEDIR%\bin\setenv.bat %BASEDIR% %mode%

and was troubled no more.

20-Dec-05, Eric Zweighaft

"Thanks for the comments"
Thanks for the comments, I'll look into correcting this.

07-Dec-05, Mark Cariddi

"Browse niggle"
Of course this is just brilliant stuff!

One tiny niggle on the browse:

Currently you get the headers from the last build you made and not those for the currently active configuration. Not a big deal, except when your half asleep after a long shift, but it doesn't look too hard to fix either?

Just add plaform and buildtype options into the sbrList name, and we can use /o to identify configuration specific .bsc files. I see you already do this for %CPU% so your nearly there!

Two other VC 6 'features' can trip up the casual browser (I think its the same on .NET too)

1. VC uses include paths from the devstudio settings to locate header files (if you right click on the #include and select open include file) its 'pot-luck' where you end up.

2. Anything that writes "error" or "warning" to the output stream will result in VC counting up the number of errors/warnings. Gee that's smart programming by the VC team (not!)

'anything' in this context, happens to include old versions of resource compilers (they emit "compiling error log file" or something similar). So if you include resources like you should, and still use (say) the W2K DDK, like you should NOT, then you'll see this.

And really that is absolutely ALL I've found wrong with this approach, over many years trying things this way, and various other alternatives for best productivity.

And lets face it that isn't much wrong at all. Congratulations!

16-Mar-05, Jack Heeley

Are you sure you'll get all those switches right? And what happens when the DDK version changes, and it uses slightly different switches and settings -- With your method, I'm afraid, the switches are embdeed in your VS project? And how about building your driver for different build environments?

The fact of the matter is: NEVER build a driver directly from within VS by attempting to copy the switches and compiler settings. There's no guarantee you'll get it right, and the DDK's setting change from release to release and build environment to build environment.

WHY would you not want to do this the RIGHT WAY and use build, from within Visual Stuido if that's what you want to do. THEN you're assured that everything will always be correct.

10-Mar-05, Peter Viscarola

"building drivers with visual studio"
'But you'll still be using the version of the compiler and linker that Visual Studio provides '

Not true.

To use visual studio to build drivers: In project settings set 'ignore default directories' for compiler and linker. Set all the driver related defines, includes, linker switches etc.

In Tools-Options-Directories-Executable Files set a path to the DDK bin and move it to the top of the list. Copy BSCMAKE.EXE from the VS bin dir to the DDK bin dir.

Now you can build a driver with browse info etc from VS with EXACTLY the same binary image as using build.exe.

10-Mar-05, matt sykes

"How to set WXPBASE?"
When I tried to build WDM driver under Windwos XP(SP2), I got an error below. error: BASEDIR, W2KBASE, WXPBASE, or WNETBASE environment variable not set.

How to set WXPBASE?

Thank you in advance for help.

10-Feb-05, Jimmy Chen

"Any fix for WXPBASE etc not defined issue?"

16-Nov-04, k mk


09-Aug-04, Thanh Truong

"setting of WXPBASE"
I am trying to build the nothing_wdm project using my Visual C++ version 5 . My Question is what value should I set to the WXPBASE variable ? is it the root directory of the ddk ? if it is so, it does not work . The Visual C++ output this error message :

--------------------Configuration: NOTHING_WDM - Win32 Debug-------------------- OSR DDKBUILD.BAT V5.3 - OSR, Open Systems Resources, Inc. WXP 32 BIT BUILD using WXP DDK error: BASEDIR, W2KBASE, WXPBASE, or WNETBASE environment variable not set.

Best Regards

Tzachi orpaz

19-Jun-04, tzachi orpaz

"RE: Proposed fix"
This fix has been incorporated into V5.3 of DDKBUILD.

19-May-03, Scott Noone

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