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Sample Driver for USB FX2 Learning Kit

The USB-FX2 WDM Sample Driver Has Been Withdrawn

The link you followed... from somewhere... pointed to an article that had the link to an OSR-developed Windows Driver Model (WDM) example driver for the OSR USB-FX2 device (we still offer this device for sale on the OSR Online Store).

We've removed the link for this example driver, because we strongly believe writing a new WDM driver for a USB device is almost certainly a bad idea. It was a GOOD idea back in 2005 when we wrote the sample driver, because there WDF hadn't been released yet.  It's not a good idea now.

If you need to write a Windows driver for a USB device like the USB FX2, you should be using the WIndows Driver Foundation (WDF) -- Either the User Mode Driver Framework (UMDF) or the Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF).  In either case, the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) has multiple example drivers for the USB FX2 device using both UMDF and KMDF.

Here at OSR, we NEVER write a WDM driver when we could write a KMDF driver.  Never.  And we've already GOT code for PnP and Power Management that's been tested and is working.

We wish you luck in your driver development efforts, and we apologizxe if our removing the WDM example causes you anything other than passing inconvenience.  But, seriously: Consider using KMDF for whatever kernel-mode driver you need to write, and forget about WDM if at all possible.

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30-May-06, yeswanth kumar

I got the board already, but I can not get any dbg information from dbgview after plug in usb. How can I do to get whole dbg information? thanks

15-Mar-06, w w

What a suprise! OSR did it again. I got the board in the mail, downloaded the driver and manual, built the driver with 379.1433 DDK, hunted down a USB cable and had the whole thing running within 2 hrs.

Good Job Guys.

25-May-05, Darryl Froman

The firmware is not very interesting. You've seen the firmware for bulkloop in the FX2 kit? You've pretty much seen the firmware for our device...renumeration is covered in the manual.

24-Mar-05, Daniel Root

"Sample Driver for USB FX2 Learning Kit"
Nice Tool! What about the firmware inside the FX2? Is this software included in the package, too? Does the device-driver support download of firmware and renummeration like the cypress sample-drivers?

24-Mar-05, Thomas Kracke

Kernel Debugging & Crash Analysis

Manchester, NH
30 July - 3 Aug 2018

Developing Filter Manager Minifilters

Manchester, NH
20-24 August 2018

Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts

Santa Clara/San Jose, CA
10-14 Sept 2018

Writing WDF Drivers II: Advanced Implementation Techniques

Manchester, NH
16-19 October 2018


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