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This utility (a C file with the "world largest switch statement") allows you to easily display the symbolic name of an NTSTATUS value. Converts the NTSTATUS values from the DDK into strings to print out. So, instead of printing out the hexadecimal value of the error code while debugging and then looking it up in ntstatus.h, you can just print out the symbolic constant in string form! Includes all NTSTATUS values from Windows 2000 through Windows Server 2003.

Version: V2.0
OS Support XP SP1, Server 2003
Date Updated: 10 April 2003
Author: OSR


?NTSTATUS View V2.0?Zip Archive, 16KB


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This utility has been downloaded 7519 times.

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"World's Largest Switch Statement"
I was looking for a list of NTSTATUS definitions on the internet (because I was too lazy to open ntstatus.h) and I found ntstatstr.c on your site. I wrote the same function, but I used a little-known macro trick which allowed me to do less than half as much work. Using '#' in a macro allows you to expand a macro variable to it's literal string (I don't recall if I'm using the correct jargon here). Also I don't know if this is ANSI compliant, but I thought you guys might like this:

#define CASE_RETURN_STRING(_constSTR) case (_constSTR): return( #_constSTR ); break;

char *DBGGetNtStatusString( NTSTATUS Status ) { switch( Status ) { CASE_RETURN_STRING (STATUS_SUCCESS); CASE_RETURN_STRING (STATUS_WAIT_1); ... lots of other NTSTATUSes here ... default: return( "UNKNOWN" ); break; } }

17-Jun-04, Bill Alexander

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