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Driver Loader


New and Improved V3.0! Installing and starting NT kernel mode drivers can be a hassle. This is especially true during the development stage of a project, before you've built an attractive gui-based custom installation program. Now, OSRLOADER eliminates your trouble. This GUI-based tool will make all the appropriate registry entries for your driver, and even allow you to start your driver without rebooting. It's even got a help file, for goodness sakes! If you write drivers, this is another one of those utilities that's a must have for your tool chest. x86 architecture.

What's new in Driver Loader, V3.0

Vista Support, Supports non-PnP (legacy) drivers only, January 16, added W2K Image

Version: V3.0
OS Support: XP SP1, .NET, VISTA
Date Updated: 16 January 2008
Author: OSR


Driver Loader, V3.0, Zip Archive, 1MB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 44644 times.

User Comments
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Yes, it's awesome tool. Thanks!

14-Jan-14, Abi Jafar

"Nice app"
Very useful tool, works also on XP SP2.

29-Mar-12, rata tata

"Nice one !"
Hello ! This is a nice tool, but I don't manage to do what I wanted with it :( Here is my problem : some annoying drivers are installed on my PC due to driver development basics learning, and I can not delete them ! Their names contains some unreadable bytes, turning things difficult. Anyone can help me ? thank you !! Here is the screen of Driver Loader about those : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/696/garbagedrivers.jpg/

29-Mar-12, rata tata

3ky,thinks.I would like find a Tool for Unload Drivers.are you have it?

25-Sep-10, neosec neosec


01-Apr-10, jianye lee

"Vista 64x?"
Does this work with vista 64x? I have been unable to load any sample driver I have found. Last status "The driver has been blocked from loading"

28-Dec-09, Matt Zimmerer

Thanks, it load my driver,,, ;P

15-Dec-09, Vijay Majagaonkar


06-Dec-09, fyg brave

"Excellent Tool"
Wonderful tool to install drivers in various build directories quickly without effort. It would be nice to have an inf-generator included though.

20-Jul-09, Arun Chaganty

I have a kernel driver, and when I try to load it using osrloader3.0. It failed with the following error.

"The service cannot be started, either because it is siabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it."

Notice: this driver is loading fine using inf.


25-Feb-09, Tri Nguyen

That's what I'm looking for!!!

11-Feb-09, Jimbob Walton

Running WinXP. Testing out a simple Helloworld debug print driver.

stop pops up request control is not valid for this service unload only marks it for deletion, I have to reboot before I can load the driver again.


12-May-08, Jack Nimble

Very good, thanks!

06-Apr-08, Zhitao Zhou

"thank you much"
sweet utility, it's a little more than 105KB tho ;)

17-Dec-07, Andrew Wood

"ZIP file fixed"
The new ZIP contains an image that should run on all non-Vista targets.

05-Dec-07, Scott Noone

"V3.0, 29 Nov 2007"
Running this gives an alert stating : OSRLOADER.exe is not a valid win32 application.


04-Dec-07, Dave Peverley

"Driver Loader"
I've been using this tool for a while and it really helps out in the early development stages of driver development. It makes it convenient to load and unload the prototype driver.

16-Dec-06, Darryl Froman

"Excellent Work"
I have to say it is an excellent work and it make my work more convenient!

18-Jul-04, foxustc foxustc

"RE: Driver Loading/Unloading in W2K3"
Both net {start|stop} drivername and OSR Loader should still work fine on Server 2K3 with legacy drivers. When you say "doesn't work", what exactly do you mean? Does it not start, not unload, or both?

22-Jan-04, Scott Noone

"Driver Loading/Unloading in W2K3"
I have an NT4 driver, and on NT4 and W2k I used to be able to unload it and reload it (so it could pick up fresh registry parameters for testing), using a command window by stopping any services dependent on it, then typing NET STOP MYDRIVER followed by NET START MYDRIVER. This was convenient for a non PNP driver because I could see its "early" (D-init) debug output without a full kernel debugger setup, ie. running debug monitor app. I can't do this on W2k3 now, I don't think this Driver Loader Utility would help. Any suggestions for unloading/loading an old driver manually on w3k3?

20-Jan-04, Gary Moorman

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