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We've updated this great tool for viewing driver debug messages when you don't have a debugger attached. Displays DbgPrint messages generated by any driver in the system (or the OS itself) in the application window. Can be used either in local mode or can send the DbgPrint messages to another system via TCP/IP.

What's new in DebugMon V5.0

This utility has been updated for WIN7 and adds support debugging X64 systems. The drivers are signed in this version.  We have also a new feature under the "Edit" menu which allows the user to dynamically set the DbgPrint Filter flags.   With this feature you will no longer have to enable DbgPrint via the registry or via the debugger.

Version: V5.0
OS Support: XP SP1, 2003, WLH, W2K8,WIN7 X64
Date Updated: 08 Sept 2010
Author: OSR


DebugMon V5.0 Zip Archive, 167KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 17131 times.

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Spend so much time scrolling debug messages piece-by-piece in windbg...

12-Jun-18, Pavel Sokolov

"Changing debug filter in XP"
Maybe I'm just out of luck again ... but cannot change the debug filters on XP SP4. When I clear some checkboxes, the changes won't stuck. Reopened the dialog, and all cleared boxes are still checked.

-- pa

30-Sep-10, Pavel A

"ver. 5.0 - BSOD"
Process dbgMon.exe was launched in the background (Local Mode) - BSOD

Environment: Win2003 R2 SP2, x32

Call-stack: nt!KiTrap0E+0x2a7 hal!HalpLowerIrqlHardwareInterrupts+0x5c hal!KfLowerIrql +0 x59 DBGSYS+0x605 DBGSYS+0x693 DBGSYS+0x6fc DBGSYS+0x48c

08-Sep-10, Alexey R. aka EreTIk

"The drivers are now signed"
In addition there is a new feature for dynamically setting DbgPrint filtering flags....

08-Sep-10, Mark Cariddi

Osronline Rocks! ThankYou, Thankyou THANKYOU!

24-Aug-10, Marshall Peltz

"X64 Drivers not yet signed"
Folks, the x64 drivers are currently not signed. They will be signed as soon as I get an updated certificate. Sorry.

24-Aug-10, Mark Cariddi

"Update V5.0"
This applicaiton was updated for newer windows versions that support the unobtrusive way to get dbgprint messages. This change will prevent patchguard from complaining about changes to the system.

23-Aug-10, Mark Cariddi

"The dbgsys.sys driver won't load"
The driver is unsigned which means this utility is worthless unless test signing mode is enabled and one uses a personal certificate for signing or signed driver checking is disabled at EVERY boot.

24-May-10, Jim Brockman

"Need it for Windows NT"
Guyz, i need the version of DebugMon that could run on Windows NT 4.0. Can anyone please help me out?

12-May-10, Imtiaz Ahmed

"Win XP crash"
This tool is very usefull but, when i try to toggle ON/OFF event capture (by click on 'C' icon) my computer freeze definitly... (v4.3 and v4.5b)

03-Jul-09, Eric Pennamen

I keep getting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL intermittently, and then BSOD.

03-Jun-09, Tony Xu

Sorry for the lack of help, When we get some time, we will add it. In order to use dbgremote, you must copy it to the target system and run the program. Once you see the icon in the task tray right click on it and select "accept incoming connections". Then on the system that is going to run dbgmon, start it from the command line with the -r option and give it the address of the system to connect to.


26-Jan-09, Mark Cariddi

There is now dgbmon.hlp file included in the .Zip. Where do I get this file?

How do I use dbgmon Remote? There is not an obvious way to specify the remote machine.

24-Jan-09, Ted T

"4.5 DebugMon in x64 environment"
I'm porting a 32 bit driver to run on 64 bit XP. I downloaded DebugMon 4.5 and attempting to use. I see intermittent blue screens with bug check 0x00000109. The blue screens occur when DebugMon is running. If I don't have it running I have not seen any problems with the ported driver. Any info or comments appreciated.

02-May-08, Johnny Reed

"DbgPrint Messages"
By default DBGPrint Messages are disabled on Vista. In order to see output with DbgMon, you must use the SetDbgPrintFilter utility to enable DBGPrint messages.

17-Mar-08, Mark Cariddi

"No output on x86 vista for kernel messages"

Trying to run this on Vista produces no output. I assume one uses the WLH variant? I'm running on x86, but all I see is a blank screen. Any ideas? Also, I try to run debugview but I get an error message saying that access is denied when it tries to load dbgv.sys into system32/drivers. Any ideas about that as well (short of changing all relevant directory protects)?



07-Mar-08, steve harris

"Has this been tested on WinXP SP2?"
Does anyone know, or has anyone tested this on a Windows XP SP2 machine? Does it work?

22-Feb-07, Daniel Beiro

"Helpful Utility"
Thanks for sharing :)

08-Nov-06, Yuwen Lee

"Vista Beta 2"

Are there any plans to support Vista. I am testing my driver on Vista Beta 2, which is all working, but need to monitor some debug output, When I try and run dbgmon, on vista beta 2, it returns with an error, unable to load sys file. Could this just be permissions?



07-Jun-06, Steve Pratt

"Great tool, could you port it?"
I'm actually amazed that something neat and simple like this wasn't one of the first things the programmers at Redmond implemented when they made windows..

I'd love to make use of it, but I'm primarily developing for Windows XP x64 Edition at the moment, and it doesn't seem to work. Could you please hunt down an amd64 system and make a port, or possibly send me the source so that I could port it?

Appreciate the efforts of all of you guys at OSR that made windows driver development just a little bit more pleasureable :-)

13-Oct-05, Sytse Wielinga


01-Jul-05, fan dongdong

"Save Debug Print as text file"
The DebugMon is a great tool. But one ist still missing: It would be nice to save Debug Prints as readable text file.

25-Apr-05, Rick Dietzsch

"Hang if run DebugMon romotely"
After connection between two machines is successfully established and app run, sustem hang on client side. Note that same app works fine if local mode is set. Any help/suggestions ?

04-Oct-04, Mladen Radovic

Install on Checked XP SP1 not Working

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on Installation of Driver.

Same Error on Multiple Installs

16-Aug-04, Scott Martin

Absolutely GREAT!

20-Jul-04, Ruud Koolen

"IA64 compatable"
Can you tell me if the v4.3 version can be used on Itanium based systems.



13-Jul-04, Jim Michelson

"RE: DebugMon"
No, not yet. At this point the utility is still x86 only.

24-Nov-03, Scott Noone

Does it work on IA-64 platform (Winodws 2003)?

Thanks and Rgds, Amol

23-Nov-03, Amol Pradhan

"DebugMon - a time saver!"
This utility is saving me tonnes-o-time when I have to debug drivers locally!

22-Sep-03, April Blaylock

Where is the manual or at least a help file for DebugMon? The zip seems to only contain the .exe.

Thanks, Steve

12-Aug-03, Steve Adams

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