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WinDBG Command History Extension


Avoid having to retype, scroll, or otherwise hunt for the WinDBG commands that you've executed in your current debug session!

Simply load the WinDBG Command History extension into your debug session and it will silently record every command that you execute. Once you're ready to use one or more of those commands again, execute the !cmdhistory command. You'll be presented with a DML hyperlinked list of every command that you've executed, providing convenient access to the commands that you've used in your debug session.

Example Usage

lkd> !load cmdhist.dll

lkd> !irql

Debugger saved IRQL for processor 0x0 -- 0 (LOW_LEVEL)

lkd> !pcr

KPCR for Processor 0 at fffff800011b0000:


lkd> !prcb

PRCB for Processor 0 at fffff800011b0180:

Current IRQL -- 0

Threads--  Current fffff800011b4500 Next 0000000000000000 Idle fffff800011b4500

Number 0 SetMember 1

Interrupt Count -- 2b41409e

Times -- Dpc    0000003b Interrupt 00000008

         Kernel 02bede99 User      000b5364

lkd> !cmdhistory






Version: V1.0
OS Support:

W2K and forward

Date Updated: 12/17/2009
Author: OSR


 WinDBG Command History extension, V1.0 Zip Archive, 19KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 1347 times.

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