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OSRSYSTOOL Osr Test System Configuration Utility


Save yourself the hassle of having to set up a debug system by running a bunch of tools by using this smooth gui-based utility. Select the debug setting you want, even set defaults or save and restore configurations with this great utility.

What's new in the OSRSYSTOOLS Configuration Utility, V1.2

Added the ability to set nointegritychecks, which will enable you to load unsigned drivers on an X64 system.   This is a nice addition, since we don't want to have to sign drivers that we are testing.....

 What's in the OSRSYSTOOLS Configuration Utility, V1.0  

We created this utility in response to request on the NTDEV news group.   This tool combines a set of utilities that allows a user to configure a debug system with just a few clicks.   This utility works for preVista as well as later systems.    Users are allowed to use the defaults for debug that this utility sets, or the users can save their own configuration in a preference file and then restore it on other test systems to get the system configured just the way you want it.

The utility has a basic and an advanced mode.  Advanced mode allows the user greater control over configuring certain debug settings.

Also, I'd like to thank Don Burn and Martin O'Brien for all the help and feedback they gave OSR on this utility.  Keep the feedback coming.


Version: V1.2
OS Support:

W2K, XP, SRV2003, Windows VISTA, SRV 2K8, WIN7   X64,IA64,X86

Date Updated: 10/08/2009
Author: OSR


 OSRSYSTOOLS Configuration Utility, V1.2 Zip Archive, 123KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 3279 times.

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User Comments
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"doesn't work properly"
Hello, this utility doesn't work properly under my Windows 7 x64. MessageBox is displayed with the content "Sorry! System administrator privileges are required to run this application". The error has occurred by reason of incorrect use of the GetTokenInformation function. Im my case this function returns 0:000> !error 00000000c0000023 Error code: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000023 (3221225507) - {Buffer Too Small} The buffer is too small to contain the entry. No information has been written to the buffer. I'm waiting for the patch. Thank you.

13-Oct-11, Roman Koderov

"Run OSRSYSTOOLS as Admin"
Make sure that you run OSRSYSTOOLS as administrator. If you don't, it may start running and not display a window, meaning that you will have to kill it from taskmgr before restarting it. We'll work on this problem ASAP.

31-Mar-10, Mark Cariddi

"The XP problem is corrected"
OSRSYSTOOLS now looks for boot.ini via a registry parameter instead of assuming it is on the C drive.

18-Oct-09, Mark Cariddi

"Problem with boot.ini on XP?"
On my XP SP3 box it gives: "OsrBootIniCfg Unable to make a copy of boot.ini"

Extracted the WinXP version to a temp dir and run it as administrator.

Regards, P.

14-Sep-09, Pavel A

"Help issues"
If you are having problems viewing the CHM file. Right click on it, select file properties, and then select UNBLOCK. That usually fixed the problem.

14-Sep-09, Mark Cariddi

"More suggestions?"
If you have suggestions for improvements to the utility, please feel free to let us know. We aim to please!

14-Sep-09, Mark Cariddi

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