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You've probably downloaded a .ISO or .IMG file from MSDN or some other website and didn't want to burn a CD in order to get at the images context. Well now you can use OSR's Virtual CD and Disk utility which allows you to mount those images and uses them as if they were on physical devices attached to your PC. In addition this utility allows you to create your own .DSK images that can act as virtual disks. Check it out!


Cleaned up some code, signed drivers.?? If you run into any problems, a kernel dump would help.? Command line utility present.

Version: V2.3
OS Support:

XP, Server 2K3, Server 2K8, Vista

X64 support,I64 support,X86 support for?supported platforms, use srv2003 x64 for xp-x64

Date Updated: May 14, 2008
Author: OSR


OSRSCSI V2.3 Zip Archive, 141KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 4238 times.

User Comments
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Running Windows 7, can't install your program! No manually select hardware option available.

06-Dec-11, Roger West

"perfect with Server 2008 R2"
Excellent utility, the only one I found to work perfectly in WinPE x64 for mounting isos (so one can mount the iso for Server install across the network)

16-Nov-11, seb cerazy

"Redux: Can't mount CD on XP, SP3"
Fat fingered the first attempt.

I'm in the same boat as another poster. New job and new laptop with a new installation of XP/SP3 and OSRVirtualCDandDisk will not mount an ISO image.

16-Nov-10, Gary Little

"Redux: Can't mount CD on"

16-Nov-10, Gary Little

I hope you can release the source code to all So we can study more and also,more and more people can develop this program and improve it.

I hope.............................................................................

13-Jul-10, Ran Zhou

""Can't mount .iso file on XP""
On a new company laptop running XP Pro, I have been unable to use this tool to mount an .iso file as a CD. The driver is running and I get as far as specifying the .iso filename in OSRSPMGMT.EXE, but it refuses to mount. Microsoft's Virtual CD works fine using the same ISO file. I suspect some problem with my corporate security setup on this laptop. No events in the System or Application event log look suspicious. Do you have any ideas what I might look for?

26-Apr-10, _ Comet

"32 bit win7 rtm problems"
a) links in the .chm are broken b) ctl panel has changed and the forum listed install instructions don't work anymore. i was able to get the device to install with devcon install osrscsipt.inf ROOT\OSRScsi c) when i try and mount a dvd .iso as a -cdrom i get a bad_pool_header bugcheck d) what's the difference between -disk and -vdisk?

05-Feb-10, sean mcdowell

"Thank you!"
First, thank you for this utility. I'm thrilled to run code from OSR (whose code I trust) instead of code from random sites in nations considered unfriendly to the USA.

06-Jan-10, Henry Gabryjelski

"Windows 7 32bit and 64bit test"
I'm using Windows 7 64 bit on my desktop and Windows 7 32 bit on my laptop. OSRSCSI works fine on the 32bit system, but it doesn't do so well on the 64bit system. I can create the file, but I can not add the file.

17-Oct-09, Clement Law

"Nothing happens..."
I'm testing this on Windows XP SP3 x86.

I've followed the installation directions as posted in the comment. When I try and mount an image, I can pass it the filename, but nothing seems to happen. I've even tried rebooting to no avail.

The only thing I can think of that could be an issue is that I have both Daemon-Tools and ImDisk installed on this machine.

31-Jul-09, Gordon Schumacher

"Here is the read me. Forgot to put it in the kit...."
This kit contains a virtual CD and Virtual disk implementation. In order to install this you must perform the following steps:

1) Go to the control panel and select the Add Hardware Icon Click the next button. 2) The system will search for hardware, When asked if the hardware has been connected select yes and click the next button. 3) In the list of hardware found, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Add a new hardware device" then click next. 4) Select "Install the hardware that I manually select" then click the next button 5) It will show you a list of hardware types, select "Scsi and Raid Controllers", then click next 6) You will now be shown a list of manufactures and there will be a "Have Disk..." button. Press the button and point the dialog to where you have unzipped the zip file for this kit. 7) click the next button and let the system install the software. 8) when the installation is complete run the osrspmgmt program in your windows\system32 directory to add virtual CDs and disks. You can create a shortcut to this program on your desktop....

A help file is included...

01-Jul-09, Mark Cariddi

"OSRSCSI V2.3 not functional on Vista 64bit"
I had 2.2 beta which did not work on Vista 64, so I downloaded V2.3 and find that it still does not work on Vista 64. The driver appears to install and load, at least Drivers says it is loaded, but I cannot mount the ISO file as a CD/DVD.

By the way, I think there is a typo on the date listed for the release of V2.3. Should the year be 2008, or 2009?


16-Jun-09, Gary Little

"Virtual CD/DVD broken on Vista 64 Ultimate"
Ok, I've tried every way I can think of, all with the same results; the ISO is never loaded. I've downloaded v2.3, realizing I had v2.2 beta, but the results are all the same. The image never gets loaded and no error messages are returned.

The personal opinion of Gary G. Little

11-Jun-09, Gary Little

"No Win7 testing done"
Hi, We have not done any win7 testing on the image, so we can't tell you what is going on. If we get some free time, we'll look into it.

10-Jun-09, Mark Cariddi

"Windows 7"
I'm using version from dir "wlh" in Windows 7 RC1, everything works fine, but if I mount .dsk image as HDD, windows shutdown is taking a lot more time than shutdown with unmounted drive. Is this some kind of bug? What's version in dir "wnet"? I thing wlh is windows longhorn - vista and win2k8 version. Thanks for answers and great tool. Sorry, my English is bad :)

09-Jun-09, Andrew Drew

OSRSCSI is a great tool but since I use it on my XP SP3, I sometimes get the infamous BSOD (a nice 0x000000C4 one). I analyzed the crash dump and it appears that OSRSCSI.sys is the culprit: it tries to free a memory pool at a bad address (IP is at osrscsipt+3d67).

Did other users already meet this issue ? It is really boring because, on the other hand, OSRSCSI is a "must-have" utility that is both simple and tremendously useful. I use version 2.2 on i386 XP SP3.

24-Apr-09, Bertrand LEGERET

"problem on 64 bit XP"
I am having the same problem Carl mentioned in an earlier post. I get as far as entering the .iso name in osrspmgmt but it does nothing after that. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

10-Apr-09, Rick Winter

"nevermind. command line works."
Had to elevate my command line to get permissions

28-Mar-09, Paul Toutant

"command line tool doesn't work in vista beta"
The gui works but the cl tool doesn't. Bummer, that's the main reason I was going to use this virtual cd tool.

28-Mar-09, Paul Toutant

"A nice tool"
An extremely good tool

27-Jan-09, Aniket C

"VHD support"
We will add it, but unfortunately we are busy at the moment.

19-Jan-09, Mark Cariddi

"VHD files?"
Since Microsoft's VHDMOUNT tool is broken, how much longer till you add support for VHD format files???

08-Sep-08, Steve Meisner

"Virtaul drive"
I also would like to write the virtual drive for windows. I want my virtual drive to have fixed driver letter even I reboot the system. Please suggest me what to do?


10-Jul-08, rakesh singhal

"Unable to use on W2K8 Itanium"
The driver 2.2 loads but the device does not start (Code=10) on an Itanium server running W2K8.

02-Jun-08, Frank Blando

"Windows 2000"
it seems, that the installer (following instrucyions in readme.txt)installs the X86 osrscsipt.sys, not (as intended) the w2k_x86 version.

manually replacing this, and now it works on Win2K - sort of.

Mounting/unmounting .ISO's works great Mounting/unmounting disk images works exactly once

09-Apr-08, tom ehlert

"pseudRAID on Flash sticks via osrscsi"
Hello. Consultation on a theme is necessary. I have created by means of the OSRSPMGMT on 1 virtual disk on two Flash Sticks(JetFlash...2GB). Then by means of the XP's Console of management of disks has transformed this virtual disks in dynamic disks and has created on them RAID with stripe(RAID 0). But instead of an expected increase performance of record operations, performance falls in 10 times in comparison with record operations on simple one stick. Why?

26-Mar-08, lis lisowin

"Drive letter"
OSRSCSI is working very well, I face a little issue : Is there a way to get or force the drive letter to ensure my scripts always find the files on my ISO's. Or is there a way to run from VirtualCD using the CD label ?


11-Feb-08, Patrick Ambuhl

"CDROM installation problem"
Hi, sorry to divert the comments for a problem report form. I deployed the OSRSCSI bus driver v2.2 on a WinXP SP2 machine. I mounted a virtual CD-ROM from an image. After that my computer would freeze on every boot and the initial shutdown. As a side note I've the IMAPIv2 update installed (KB932716), and my first level troubleshooting (using setupapi.log) seems to indicate this could be related. Does anyone experience this?

24-Oct-07, Sébastien Mouren

"Very cool tool, but..."
Crashes my laptop with THREAD_TERMINATE_HELD_MUTEX (4000008a) bugcheck.

Version 2.2 crashes my system when closing the OSRSPMgmt.exe dialog. This is after using "Delete Device" to swap virtual CDs during a Visual Studio install. The crash occurs after dismounting the 1st CD and doing "Add Device" to mount the second .ISO file. Also the second .ISO file never mounts.

A dump is available if anyone is interested.

16-Oct-07, Brian Smith

"Great Tool!"
A rare x64 ISO mount tool, nice job. Working great in Vista. Liked it so much I had to create a new app for it to support the windows shell context menu. Now I can right click, mount file, and right click, unmount drive. Also created a handy msi install using the DDK's 'devcon' app to install driver(allowed me to create the HardwareId). Happy to share. I know you don't offer the source, but any chance of offering header files (API)? Or as others requested, add the drive letter to list parameter. I'm using a crude approach of using the file size to make sure I'm unmounting the right drive.

29-Aug-07, Nate Werner

"OSR + AnyDVD"
When I mount a DVDROM or CD, AnyDVD crashes when it tries to scan the newly mounted virual disk.

10-Jun-07, Eric Simpson

"Raw format support"
Hello. I'm trying to find a solution for creating hard drives images with NTFS filesystems. I downloaded OSRSCSI and tried it. It seemed to work fine. I'm wondering why you claim that the .bin format support is only for DOS formatted images?

I don't even understand how that could be if you emulate a whole scsi device. What does that low level have to do with the partitioning and formatting?

10-Mar-07, Devin Bayer

"File sharing bug"
When an image is opened by IIS, I can't mount the image with the driver. I am sharing an iso to coworkers while trying to mount it.

I found out that the OSR driver mount the file with no sharing. Could it specify at least FILE_SHARE_READ for the ShareAccess parameter?

I've seen that both programs (IIS and OSR driver) use GENERIC_READ to open the file so there shouldn't be any problem. IIS is already using FILE_SHARE_READ|FILE_SHARE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_DELETE.


07-Dec-06, Marc-Antoine Ruel

"Very small feature request"
Very nice tool. The choice of free virtual dvd on x64 is quite slim. Thanks for making it available.

In osrspmgmt.exe, in the "Add Device" file open dialog, I would set the default filter of file types to be "All Supported formats (*.dsk; *.iso; *.bin; *.img)".

07-Dec-06, Marc-Antoine Ruel

"We'll look into this ASAP"
We will look into this as soon as time permits. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

10-Oct-06, Mark Cariddi

"incompatibility with SATA RAID/AHCI"
After not being able to use this on my x64 system, I now found out that this is due to my using a SATA/RAID configuration on my 1ch7r chipset (driver = Intel iastor.sys).

It also doesn't work if I use a non-raid disk in AHCI mode.

It does work without AHCI.

I found out that, other CD-emulators also used to have similar problems (e.g VCD 7 with nForce SATA). Seems to be technology related.

07-Oct-06, Robin Mitra

Could you explain the difference between the "-vdisk" and "-disk" in osrspmgmtctl.exe? Thanks!

06-Sep-06, William Fogg

"something wrong"
I've just instaled ver.2.2 but faced with troubles in Win2k: 1) wrong driver was placed in ..\system32\drivers (not from w2k_x86 folder) so the BSOD appeared :( 2) instalation in XP was succesful, but still there's no virtual drive so I could't mount any images

19-Jun-06, E M

"Doesn't seem to work at all"
Tried it on WinXP sp2 and it just doesn't do anything. Adding an ISO (with CDROM checked) doesn't display any errors, and doesn't display anything in the Current Connection List. I even tried rebooting to see if maybe that would help.

All in all a very unimpressive bit of work (no installer, no uninstaller, no error messages, did not function).

18-May-06, rob macfadyen

"Error 17"
I've got a particular iso that doesn't want to mount. When I try it throws a "The connection could not be configured due to the following error 17.". What does the error mean and is there any way for me to get this mounted? I've mounted this iso successfully with other tools, so I don't think there's anything wrong with the ISO. Incidentally, the original disk did have burned errors in it that the manufacturer used to force the use of the cd for installation. Could the burned in errors be causing trouble for this utility?

10-May-06, Jim Herold

anyway to get this to run in winpe?

07-Apr-06, jeff lear

"does it work on x64 ?"
for me it works on 32bit xpsp2 but not on x64 xp. It installs file, but when I try to add/mount an .iso, nothing happens. Same with .dsk, it creates the file but fails to mount it. Anything obvious I'm missing?

19-Feb-06, Robin Mitra

"Supports DVDs"
We use it for MS DVDs here at OSR.

13-Feb-06, Mark Cariddi

"The Ia64 version is in beta"
The IA64 version is currently being tested.

17-Jan-06, Mark Cariddi

"Itanium version?"
When/if there be an ia64/itanium version available?

12-Jan-06, Greg Thelen

"WinPE plugin"
I don't suppose that you have a WinPE plugin for your virtual SCSI driver?

11-Jan-06, George Garner Jr.

"Sonic Record NOW DLA"
I will look into this issue. I can't say that I have not seen problems with this type of software before.

04-Jan-06, Mark Cariddi

"New for next version to be released shortly"
The next version V1.2, to be released shortly, will contain:

1) support for disk images, i.e. a copy of a real disk image. Only DOS formated disks are supported. 2) added a new command line utility to allow the adding, deleting and listing of virtual devices.

04-Jan-06, Mark Cariddi

"Windows Locks Up with DLA Enabled."
I've been using the VirtualCD util on my work system for some time and love it. Just moved it to a new home PC I am setting up and found that Windows locked up whenever I mounted an ISO image {may lock up with other images as well}.

I am running WinXPSP2 with Sonic Record Now DLA installed. I found that if I disable loading of the ..\Windows\System32\DLA\TFSWCtrl.exe at startup and the VirtualCD mounts images just fine.

Is there some known reason for this? Is there a solution, other than disabling the DLA support?

29-Dec-05, Michael Price

"A version that works on W2K"
A version for W2K will soon be available, it is in the process of being tested....

01-Dec-05, Mark Cariddi

"Will look into doing your suggestions"
Thanks for the feedback. I will look into all of these for the next update.

29-Nov-05, Mark Cariddi

"Enhancement Request"
Very Nice but a command line interface would be even better

23-Nov-05, Ian Hamilton

"We'll address this ASAP"
We'll look into this as soon as possible, this should be a simple fix.

20-Nov-05, Mark Cariddi

"Is W2K (SP4) really supported?"

The driver won't start on a Windows 2000 SP4 box. The error message received is "The specified procedure could not be found".

It seems that the following routines are not available on W2K: WmiQueryTraceInformation, WmiTraceMessage and IoForwardIrpSynchronously.

Guess there is no workaround for this, am I right?

17-Nov-05, Mika Kärkkäinen

".DSK file format"
We'd like to see compatibility with Advanced Storage Concepts' VirDIS product i.e. that it handle a file that is a block-for-block image of a Hard Disk.

10-Nov-05, William Casey

"Fixed .inf file for x64 installations"
The .INF file has been corrected to work for x64 installations

11-Oct-05, Mark Cariddi

"No Source Code"
Sorry, no source code will be available for this.

21-Sep-05, Mark Cariddi

"Virtual CD and Disk driver"
Any chance you'll post the source code for this?

13-Sep-05, Bob Nelson

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