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OSR Online IOCTL Decoder

Enter the IOCTL value to decode in the box below


That IOCTL decodes to:





User Comments
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"Incorrect device type?"
Use 65535 (0xFFFF) as device type, e.g. 0xffff2020

Tool shows: 0xfff

22-Oct-09, Gary Scheitlin

"Update to IOCTL decoder"
It would be nice (and very simple) to update your decoder. Just increase the array size and append these entries to it :

device[55]="SERENUM" device[56]="TERMSRV" device[57]="KSEC" device[58]="FIPS" device[59]="INFINIBAND" device[60]="0x3C_not_used" device[61]="0x3D_not_used" device[62]="VMBUS" device[63]="CRYPT_PROVIDER" device[64]="WPD" device[65]="BLUETOOTH" device[66]="MT_COMPOSITE" device[67]="MT_TRANSPORT" device[68]="BIOMETRIC" device[69]="PMI"

Regards, Peter

08-Feb-09, Peter Hodges

"RE: Wrong calculation!"
Bug has been fixed, thanks for the pickup!


30-Mar-06, Scott Noone

Can't believe you guys complainng about it not being downloadable. A quick "View source" in IE will show you exactly the source code. Cut and paste into your own HTML document, and you'll never need to access it online. *AND* you can fix/enhance it to help you to decode those "difficult" IOCTLs....

11-Nov-04, Paul Bunn

"Re: Where is the download link?"
The IOTL decoder is not a downloadable utility...for online use only.

09-Sep-04, Daniel Root

METHOUD_OUT_DIRECT? Who spelled this? Hector? Sheesh...

03-Dec-03, Tony Mason

"IOCTL Decoder utility comments"
First of all, this is a great utility. Now I have some comments about it: 1) You guys should make it downloadable. I want to use it on systems that don't have access to the internet and therefore it would be great to be able to use some windows app that would do it. 2) It doesn't seem to work properly for IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH. I used it and it came back with some HEX function code rather than saying IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH, so can you please look into that. 3) I was using it to figure out what IOCTL code does the CD class driver get when an IMAPI burning operation starts up. The IOCTL code that I get is weird... in the sense that it is longer than normal IOCTL codes. The debugger tells me that the code is 0x90dae040 and usually codes for IOCTLS are like something like 0x4d004 4) Can there be a reverse app, meaning we enter an IOCTL name like IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH and it just goes ahead and tells us the hex meaning of that IOCTL code?

Thanks, Satyeshwar

29-Aug-03, Satyeshwar Singh

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