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The DiskView utility is a utility written by OSR, that allows ther user to view the MountPoints, Physical Disks, and Storage Adapters that make up the storage subsystem on the target machine.

Version: ?V1.0
OS Support XP SP1, Server 2003
Date Updated: 11?February 2003
Author: OSR


?DiskView V1.0?Zip Archive, 406KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 11095 times.

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XP Pro SP3 support officially?

05-Nov-09, Raymond Juich

"Can DiskView scan the scsi bus?"
I am looking for a sample program which can scan the scsi bus and give me the device name for the scsi adapter. I see that DiskView can display the scsi adapter and their properties. can you please share the source code of this functionality ?

Thanks Geeta

28-Aug-06, Geeta Gokhale

Hello ! i'm using DeveiceIoControl to get the information of some drives. my implementation now fails on systems with raid-2 and also on ms cluster. your diskview now works perfectly. can you give me a hint ?

27-Apr-06, jan jahoda

"We'll try"
We will try to include this support in the next version.

04-Apr-06, Mark Cariddi

"GPT disks"
Hi, Diskview fails when I use it on partitions that sits in GPT disks. Is is possible to fix it for the next release.

Thanks, Eran.

04-Apr-06, eran borovik

"Starts and immidiatly exits on w2k server"
Starts, shows progress bar and immidiatly exits on w2k server

21-Dec-05, Igor Arsenin

"Serial Number?"
Hello, The application shows a lot of info about the HDD, other the only thing missing here is the serial number of the HDD. The serial number shown in this application is actualy the volume number of the HDD, which changes when you format your HDD. Is there a way to find out the serial number of the HDD which is printed on the disk lable? (Which i suppose, is unique throught the globe?)

Thank you, Darshan

05-Oct-05, Darshan Virdi

"RAID ?"

I have a adaptec RAID controller with 3 HDDs but it do not list the HDDs, only the resultant RAID volume (It found like only one HDD).

There is a way to list the HDDs names that compound the RAID-5 ?

23-Jun-04, Leandro Becker

"DiskView V1.0"
Also, the Seagate IDE 120GB drive does not report a vendor ID in the query using SPTI. The product ID should be ST3120023A and the Rev is 3.33.

07-Nov-03, David Craig

"DiskView V1.0"
Interesting, but if the first drive has a serial number, but the remaining do not, the serial number is repeated for all devices. I have a SanDisk dual flash memory reader that doesn't return serial numbers in the inquiry and a USB 2.0 Western Digital hard drive that also does not return a serial number. Check the serial number offset and if zero, clear out the display string.

07-Nov-03, David Craig

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