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BANG! -- Crash on Demand Utility


You say the drivers you develop aren't doing a good enough job of crashing your system and you need a way to force a system crash?? Here's that way: BANG!? Run BANG.EXE and a dialog box with a big red button reading "Crash Now!" appears.? Click the button and... BANG!? Or, change your mind and click on the little "Never Mind" button.? Somebody's needed to write this utility for years.? And who would you expect it to be other than OSR?

What's new in?BANG! - Crash on Demand Utility

V2.1 Supports X64, IA64?and VISTA and the Drivers are signed!

Did we also mention that it now has command line parameters??? The usage is below:

Usage: bang [-s] : where -s indicates to automatically crash the system

We also fixed bugs that were found by users with previous versions....

Version: ?V2.1
OS Support: XP SP1, .NET, VISTA, W2K8, X64, IA64
Date Updated: 8?May 2009
Author: OSR


?BANG! Crash on Demand Utility , V2.1?Zip Archive, 100KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 12592 times.

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"unable to run the tool"
Hi, I am running the tool with domain admins privileges but i am getting an error "System administrator privileges are required to run this app" i cannot login as local administrator as the system is production system.. My machine is windows 2012r2.

06-Dec-17, sreenivas kankati

"Blast from the past!"
I wanted to bug check a server. We used to use pskill to kill wininit. That doesn't seem to take down a WS 2016 box, so I'm using the wlh binary of this with psexec instead. Thanks guys!

08-Feb-17, Keith Starsmeare

Similar small utility was previously included in the Sysinternal Suite, yet now for unknown reason it was withdrawn--and here is a good replacement!

28-Jul-15, Jimmy Ferguson

"OSRBang does not bang"
I tried running OSRBANG.EXE (v2.1) on a nearly frozen Windows 2008 R2 machine. It acts as it is trying to do something, but then terminates with no BSOD. I tried both the WLH and the WNET AMD64 builds. Are there some conditions that would prevent if from doing its magic?

24-May-15, Neil Weicher

"Still works 8.1 tablet"
Getting out a keyboard to cause a bluescreen is a pain with a tablet, thanks for making memory dumping so easy :)

08-Mar-14, Burt Renolds

"windows 2008 r2 OS use which version w2k,wlh,wnet,wxp?"
windows 2008 r2 OS use which version w2k,wlh,wnet,wxp?

19-Jul-12, Li xue

"XP SP3"
Can I use this in WinXP SP3?

Because I'm getting this error "System Administrator privileges are required to run this app" when I try to run the osrbang.exe file.

21-Mar-12, none3 none2

"Win8 AMD64 dev-preview: not working"
Start ~\wlh\amd64\osrbang.exe, press "Crash Now!" Result: Windows message "Bang - The OSR Crash On Demand Utility has stopped working..."

16-Jan-12, Alexey R. aka EreTIk

"RE: BANG utility"
The wnet AMD64 version should work for S03 x64.


29-Mar-11, Scott Noone

"BANG utility"
What version do I use for Windows 2003 x 64

09-Mar-11, David Halpert

"remote command line usage for windows 2003 server"

What is the remote command line usage to crash the system remotely on windows 2003 server sp2? When I try to run osrbang.exe -s, I get "unable to load and start bang driver?"

Thanks. Stuart

28-Jan-10, Stuart Meas

"WNET is srv 2003"
I just looked in the Zip file and WNET is included. This is the srv2003 image distribution...

30-Jul-09, Mark Cariddi

"Used Band to crash win 2003 sp2"
I want to know why windows server 2003 is not included in OS Support.

30-Jul-09, sandeep pandita

"bang reg hack?"
Don't get me wrong.. but i believe there's a reg hack for this... This way you can crash your system by holding the right control and double pressing scroll-lock.

Change the following DWORD value in the windows registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters\CrashOnCtrlScroll = 1

25-Sep-06, Tobias de Groen

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