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You've probably used poolmon, the DOS-style console mode app that comes with the DDK to monitor your driver's pool usage.? PoolTag is a Win32 GUI version that improves on poolmon in several ways.? It easily lets you save output to a text file.? Also helps you find those nasty pool leaks by allowing you to take a snapshot of pool usage, and only show changes from that snapshot.? Check it out!

?What's new in PoolTag V2.9

Well, you've waited long enough here is the new PoolTag.?? We've added 2 new features that will work for X64 and X86 images.?? Under the Pooltag menu item, there are 2 new items: Parse a Driver for Memory Tags and Parse All Drivers in Driver Directory.?? In short these options will allow you to search a driver or all drivers for calls to ExAllocatePoolWithTag and if possible the code will extract the pool tags found in the driver.?? NOTICE we said if possible. If the driver passes the tag into a routine that calls ExAllocatePoolWithTag, we're not going to find, plain and simple.?? Hey look, you can't have everything, but we try....

We've also modified the filters dialog so that you can take the tags from a driver and add them as filters....

Version: ?V2.9
OS Support: XP SP1, Server 2003, Vista, W2K8
Date Updated: April 24,2009
Author: OSR


?PoolTag V2.9?Zip Archive, 141KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 22654 times.

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"Pooltag on Win8"
I am not able to run Pooltag on win8.1 platform Can someone suggest how to run the Pooltag or compile a new binary for Win8

I have already tried windows compatibility settings for the binary

20-Jan-14, Sudhir Singh

"the sort error for display"
it looks the sort value is int, if the value larger than 2G, the value will be treated as negative value, it will sort less than 1...

use LONGLONG or ULONGLONG is better.

27-Jun-13, tw zhang

"Win8/X64 fails to start"
The WinLH/x64 version doesn't run on Win8/X64

You get a popup saying "QuerySystemInformation Failed!!"

32 bit works just fine...

06-Mar-13, rod widdowson

"PoolTag for Win7?"
Great utility! Looking for a Win7 support version too if possible.

07-Aug-12, Gerald Quammen

"Pooltag v.2.9 & Win 7 x64"
I get QuerySystemInformation failed. Yes, I did Run As Administrator.

06-Aug-12, Timothy McCaffrey

"PoolTag 2.9"
In the zip file, how is anyone supposed to figure which version is for which platform? What are the folders wlh and wman for? Please use folder names that makes sense. Both AMD64 files crash when loading on Server 2008 64-bit. Even with pooltag.txt the pool tag column is meaningless without some kind of readme.txt or help or web page. The mapped driver column is empty.

With the 32-bit version, when I Parse a Driver For Memory Tags and browse to a file, click OK, the process crashes.

The executable version information says 2.8 but help about shows 2.9.

Sign me up for a class you guys write some impressive software 8^0

27-Jul-12, Marty List

(sorry for my bad english) i have a problem with pooltag and syser debugger :-( how to remove pooltag ? thank you.

10-May-11, pierre ouad

"Counter overflow"
Great utility, it helped me find my memory leak in no time. I do have an issue to report: The counters appear to be 32 bit, which is actually a problem for me. Also, it appears the list is sorted as if the counters were signed quantities (>2G gets put at the bottom of the list).

16-Feb-11, Timothy McCaffrey

This Tool really helps great... Is there a readme file for these executable? We need a little description of column... maybe it is easy to understand if it has a little help info...

hopefully you can provide one...

02-Mar-10, Johnny M. Agtong

"PoolTag enhancement"
Great tool !!! but I need an option to save logs during work, because when my machine frozes (no more memory), i need to restart the machine and the real time view is not enough in such scenario.

02-Dec-09, ariel smutko

"Listview errors"
Thanks. Found the problem, not obvious, but a problem anyway. I'll get an update up there soon. I am just going to wait and see if there are any other issues before issuing an update....

08-May-09, Mark Cariddi

"ListView errors"
On the checked build it causes quite a lot of such messages: comctlv6 RIP: LVM_GETCOLUMN: Invalid column number 7 comctlv6 RIP: HDM_GETITEM: Invalid item number 7

05-May-09, S A

"Other enhancements"
We have also added a menu item feature that pins the PoolTag window as the top window so it is always on top. In addition, if the pooltag file is changed, because you scanned a driver or drivers for tags, then we allow you to save the changes.

04-May-09, Mark Cariddi

"server troubleshooting"
I am not a developer but I found it very useful when trying to track down memory leaks. It fixes the things I don't like about poolmon.


26-Mar-09, Mark Moloney

"Command-line for pooltag?"
It would be nice to be able to save the pool information through a command-line run. Something like: pooltag -n outfile.txt

30-Sep-07, Alexander Lyakas

"Could we get something similar to poolmon /c ?"
poolmon /c automates the task of searching locally installed drivers for pool tags and adds them to a local list of pool tags that can be used to supplement the msft published one. Might be a nice enhancement to pooltag to implement something similar.

12-Mar-07, Tracy Camp

"enhancement suggestions"
It'd be very nice if PoolTag could save your complete configuration including the filter and update interval along with window size and column width settings. (It'd be great too if it could export and import the settings so I could define a set of configurations and load them quickly.)

I know I'm being high maintenance but every time I start PoolTag I have to set all these again even though my configuration changes very little from session to session.

14-Nov-06, Jerry Kelley

"RE: All Tag's shown ?"
This will happen when Driver Verifier is running with special pool enabled. Check out http://www.osronline.com/article.cfm?id=274.

30-Jun-04, Scott Noone

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