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The NT Insider 2006 Archive

Tooling Around with Vista - Modifying Windows Boot & Debug Options in Vista

ASSERT Yourself - The New NT_ASSERT Macro in the WDK

The Late Show, with OSR - Ten Things You Need to Know About Vista

What's in a (Process) Name? Obtaining A Useful Name for the Executable Image in a Process

Power Play - Power Management Changes in Vista

Write No Code...Get a GUI - Vista Power Plan Integration

Take Two - x64 Driver Signing

Just Sign Everything - What to Sign and How to Sign It for Vista

What is Coming with Vista - Limited User Access

Exceptional Behavior - x64 Structured Exception Handling

In Denial - Debugging STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

UMDF 101 - Understanding User Mode Driver Frameworks

UMDF 102 - Overview of a UMDF Driver

It's NOT Your Computer - Microsoft to Block Unsigned x64 Drivers on Vista

KMDF Filter Driver: 30-Minutes -- Installation: Ah...Somewhat Longer

After All, It's Version One - Kernel-Mode Driver Framework V1.0 Ships

Making A Hash Of It - Hashing Techniques

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