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SFP Control


If you've spent any time working on system-type drivers on Windows, you know that?System File Protection (SFP) can ruin your day.? For debugging and development purposes, you might want to shut off SFP using Registry entries, as described in??MS KB article 222473.? But who wants to keep getting in and out of RegEdt32?? The solution is this utility.? SFPControl allows you to interactively modify the Registry's settings to mange SFP.??? Note that these changes are temporary and only work if a debugger is attached to your system.

What's new in?SFP Control

Now supports Windows .NET and Windows XP SP1.

Version: ?V1.1
OS Support: XP SP1, 2K3 Server
Date Updated: 16?July 2004
Author: OSR


?SFP Control (for Win2K), V1.0, ?Zip Archive, 102KB

Number Of Downloads
This utility has been downloaded 3984 times.

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"We'll see what needs to be done"
We'll look into updating this.

24-Feb-06, Mark Cariddi

"Update Totally Avoided?"
Since 2004 and now 2006. No update for XP Pro SP1?

24-Feb-06, Joseph William

"Thanks, but..."
That this utility edits the registry keys is very clearly explained in the "Description" -- So, finding that it edits these keys shouldn't be a big surprise.

In terms of calling random ordinals in random DLLs: We are aware of several ways to manipulate SFP under Windows. None of these are either documented or supported. To be perfectly honest, we don't think that creating a utility that generically allows people to disable SFP (even if it's "just for aminute) is in the best interests of the user community at large. That's why we haven't done it.

Thanks for sharing, though...


12-Aug-04, Peter Viscarola

"Does not do what you would think"
This really ought to be called the SFC Control. It is a GUI for editing the registry keys which manage the behavior of System File Checker at next boot. It will not disable System File Protection (SFP) except possibly in Windows 2000 pre-SP2 when a simple registry hack (the SFCDisable key) would actually turn off SFP.

OSR guys, if you want to re-write this tool, there is a way to control/disable SFP dynamically from inside Windows. You just need to call export ordinal 5 (an undocumented API) in sfc_os.dll (sfc.dll in Windows 2000) and supply the filename of the file you want to disable SFP for. SFP is disabled for a period of one minute on that file.

12-Aug-04, Mike Myers

"Where's the update?"
The download is for Win2K only, where the update for XP SP1 and 2003?

15-Aug-03, Greg de Valois

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