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09 Jul 18 13:16
Jamey Kirby
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Re: RE: RE: Re: [BULK] Re: Modern C++ Features in Kernel Mode Drivers

The Linux kernel has some 100,000 goto references. The Goto wars have been around since the late 60's. I use them, but rarely. I don't go out of my way to code around them. They just happen when they need to happen. This is a fun read: On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 5:15 AM <> wrote: > > some people are just too dumb to see the advantages that goto statement > offers > > Fair enough, but if you read the tone of my post I did not say goto never > makes sense, just that I personally have never used it and that pretty much > everyone seems to be taught goto is evil. Personally, I would be willing to > entertain valid usages. I think it must exist in multiple languages for a > reason. > > > if(status) goto done; <...excess quoted lines suppressed...> -- Jamey Kirby Disrupting the establishment since 1964 *This is a personal email account and as such, emails are not subject to archiving. Nothing else really matters.* --
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